Zenkoji, Nagano

★Zenkoji temple in Nagano★
Jun. 2008



-zenkoji nakamise-

-zenkoji nakamise-

Arrived in Nagano, finished our lunch at the soba restaurant, and we met our friend Milo. He took us the most famous temple in Nagano named Zenkoji as in the above picture.

The right & left side of the street, there are a lot of shops like a souvenir shop, a small cafe selling a snack called Oyaki, and more. I finally had no chance to taste an Oyaki throughout the trip, which was a regret. Oyaki looked like a bun with bean-jam filling, and for its filling, there are 4 or 5 options we can choose from.

Zenkoji is famous for Shichimi chili pepper. (七味唐辛子) Shichi = 7 and mi = tastes, and so, Shichimi means 7 different tastes. In fact it’s a mixture of 7 ingredients in good balance.
Shichimi is used especially for soba and udon, or anything as a spicy seasoning.
canned shichimi for souvenir

-canned shichimi for souvenir-

-wooden sign for shichimi-

-wooden sign for shichimi-

-Shichimi means 7 ingredients' pepper-

-Shichimi means 7 ingredients' pepper-


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