Nanki Katsuura Onsen

I was supposed to write a post about Onsen that I explored in Wakayama, west Japan after my trip to Kyoto & Osaka the other day.

Imagine how it’d be like to look down Pacific Ocean from outdoor Onsen (hot spring)!

I did that!
That was so good, and in fact, I had that Onsen 5 times in 3 days!
Unfortunately it was raining, and so, I couldn’t catch sunrise or sunset from that Onsen, but taking Onsen in rain (not heavy) was also good with slight smell from the soil, grass, trees, as well as fresh air & birds singing.This is a bliss! I really really do love Onsen so much!
The Onsen last time was good, but this time was something unforgettable.
The location is also well-known as a world heritage, “Kumano Kodo” .

Onsen and home bath, they are absolutely different!
I sometimes try to reproduce the atmosphere of Onsen at home, with Onsen powder, but that is still just a bath of hot water.  Once you try Onsen, you’ll see how fast you feel warmed up.  That’s no comparison to home bath.  Especially if the Onsen is watered directly from the source.  And also, you’ll see your body keeps warmed for long time after that.

How I wish I could take Onsen bath everyday…well, I could do that if I work at Onsen hotel, though…:P I’d thought of that option before, but that was not realistic according to my career.

BTW, I took these photos when nobody but we (grandma & I) were there. 😆
I had a shutter chance for a moment until other people came in only a few minutes later. 😆

I’ve updated additional photos at my Flikr account.


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