Manza Onsen (=hot spring)

★Manza Onsen (万座温泉)★
Jun. 2008

manza onsen roten

-manza onsen roten-

manza onsen rotenburo

-manza onsen rotenburo-

It’s been a while since I’m back from my Onsen trip to Nagano & Gunma area of Japan, but yesterday my husband showed me these pitures he took by mobile camera at men’s onsen when noone was around. I just loved these photos and decided to share them again in here!
They are from open-air onsen (hot spring) at Manza, which is called “roten buro” ( 露天風呂) in Japanese.

As you can see, the hot water is not transparent but milky-white or even close to opal color. And this was located at high place, adding to the fact that Manza onsen is located at the near top of the mountain, I could even feel cloud touching my face when I was bathing.

What a supreme bliss!!
Onsen is made because of some active volcanos, which is scary because that could cause us a big earthquake. So it is not always a happy thing that we can enjoy Onsen, though…


I should have put these photos showing a way to inner Onsen at Manza Onsen.
The sign is read “Choju-no-yu”, meaning hot spring for your longevity.

Here is the place to get separated either women’s onsen or men’s one.
Beyond the red Noren, or a Japanese old-style curtain, there is undressing place where we get 100% naked, (not even with bathing suite on!) before we get to Onsen.
The blue Noren is the way to men’s Onsen, just like the one for women’s.

The floor of these photos, is as you see, Tatami mat.
Very Japanese-like photos to be shared with my readers!

a way to manza onsen village

-a way to manza onsen village-

I would say, there are 3 major things I love about Japan.
No.1= Onsen, or hot spring
No.2= How we take a bath at home everyday
No.3= Steamed rice

I’d prefer any experiences of living in other countries but Japan, because I’m bored of my life in this country, nothing is quite new to me now that I have spent my life here over 3 decades.

But once I’m out, I know I’ll desperately miss above No.1,2 & 3.
Regarding No.2, we normally fill the bathtub with hot water and stay there to get warmed and relaxed and there is a space next to the tub where we wash ourselves, and so, the hot water in the tub is to be shared with next person, or next after next person…

Anyway, let me share the photos of Manza Onsen area that I took when I traveled in Nagano the other day. To be exact, Manza is located in Gunma, next to Nagano, where we had about 1 hour driving from Karuizawa.

It was raining and heavily fogging, thus we had nowhere to go for sightseeing at the 1st day of Karuizawa. So we decided to go to Manza Onsen.
manza village

-manza village-

-manza where hot spring comes out-

-manza where hot spring comes out-

It was chilly and I couldn’t think anything but to bathe in Onsen!
When we were driving around, we scented strong sulfurous smell. Yes! It’s a sulfur spring!
Can you see it’s boiling and smoking in the picture? We’re not supposed to go close to the spring as it is dangerous! There was a sign “Keep Out! Danger!” This was sort of interesting experience (^_^)
Manza Onsen Hotel opens 9 different Onsen for visiters, as well for 1000 yen (about US$10)per person. So we bought the tickets and then I went to women’s bath while my hubby went to men’s. It was sooo good ~(^0^)v~ as I expected, although I can smell myself sulfur even after several hours then…hahaha

Here’s a guideline of how to have Onsen, just as a reference…

-onsen manners-

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