It was my first trip to Kyoto since a school trip from my jr. high school. Somehow I have a feeling that I do not get along with old things, and so, I’ve never felt like visiting Kyoto, such an old city with long history, again since then.

So why I visited Kyoto this time? Well, I have a related post on the trip in my blog, so please check it out.

I was happy to be alone, totally free from taking care of my dog and husband, as well as my job. I always like to travel by myself and walk around as I like. When I traveled in east Europe 3 weeks with my close friend, I was so exhausted.So how was my one day trip to Kyoto? I wish I could have stayed longer and visited famous shrines & temples more, because I might see things in different ways from last time I was there.

Anyway, I had to keep walking to feel how the city was like during limited time. I wanted to walk around “Kyoto” looking places, as in my photos. It was interesting to me that when I start walking, I never knew what comes next. Narrow streets connecting one after another lead me somewhere I didn’t even expected…Indeed, I was just heading for the name stamp store as directed in the map, but my strong curiosity kept me walking on and on, and finally I walked up to Kiyomizu temple. I was not sure how long hours I kept walking, and when I reached out there, unfortunately it was already dark and there was no extra time left for me to go inside the temple. 😦

But I really enjoyed what I’ve seen in the way up there.  I don’t have good camera, but it was much fun to me just to take photos as I strolled! 🙂

The atomosphere, architecture, and even items like that in above, made me think of my being a Japanese root, because those things did not seem to be just “cool” or “nice” or “beautiful” but they gave me such feelings as “feel at home” or “relief” and that was quite surprising to me; who dislike ancient, old, historical, traditional things and would rather prefer modern, metropolitan, new things instead.

Early next morning was started off hanging out the Nishiki market. I didn’t have enough time until I pick up a local train to go to Osaka. This site explains the market well. I was busier buying souvenir than taking photos.

To be honest, it was a little too early in the morning and nearly half of the stores were not opened yet. There are some unique vegetables in Kyoto that are not usually sold in Tokyo. Especially pickles are so good! I love them so much and wish I could eat them everyday! Also I liked to shop in the Machiya styled shops in Kyoto.

But I realized one big difference which I found while shopping. Sales clerks were not as kind as those in Tokyo! It’s not too much to say that I was not talked by the shop staff at all, at most of the souvenir shops including pickles shops! What’s going on? I’m not talking about sales pitch. Apparently I was a serious potential customer who really was looking for something to purchase there. That was such a disappointment to me, as a single traveller, travelling alone would enjoy conversation with such people and whom else?

This is as is often told, Kyoto is not open for first-time visiters. There should be shops and restaurants that do not accept first-time visiters without accompanied by steady visiters. This is well-known in Japan as trait or custom of people in Kyoto. In that aspect, I like Tokyo; such a flexible, modern big city that accepts anything!

Finally, I’ll end up with the final photo that I took from train on the way when I was passing Shizuoka area. Mt. Fuji, or you’d say Fujiyama!


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