Tokyo Kawaii International

Tokyo Kawaii International
10/Dec/2008 on air

This show was fun to watch!
Look at the people who enjoy however ways they want to dress, being influenced by various ways of Japanese fashion that is free from rules or fixed ideas.

So let me start here.
People from other countries somehow reach Japanese fashion magazines such as egg or KERA at some point in their life and some of them actually come over to Tokyo, especially Shibuya – Harajuku area, for example, to explore what they were looking for.

In the show, young girls from Italy, France, U.S, and Sweden are questioning & answering their fashion or kawaii things. As you see, they are fluent in Japanese, because they go to Japanese language school or fashion design school to study in Japan. But I think they are very good at it, because they are eager to be successful and keep living in Japan.

Also, what’s interesting to me was that they act like Japanese girls. The way they react, laugh, make faces, and gesture, are really looking like how we do.

An Italian girl from Florence is managing her own company that imports Japanese kawaii accessories from Japan and sells them in Italy at the age of 23. That’s so cool. She is such a young entrepreneur but was originally in love with Japanese school uniform (sailor blouse) and got the one of her own when she was a teenager.

“It’s completely free to dress any ways as we want in Tokyo. We’ll never be blamed or treated as a freak or something no matter what and how we enjoy dressing ourselves.” German sisters from Germany are in Harajuku for shopping and they seem to have spent handsome money shopping and travelling in several major locations in Japan.

Bu-chan at the age of 31, used to be an U.S army and his mind got so much damaged from Iraq war and chose to come over to Japan 2 years ago as if he were escaping from his home. He however recovered and regained energy when he started his fashion among his new Japanese friends.
Takuya angel is the store that Bu-chan sells “cyber wig” he designed by himself. The store deals with varios kinds of fashion from punk to gothic, and there’s also a branch store in Paris.

A French girl from Paris mentioned how French girl friends reacted to see the decoden, or decorated mobile phone that she made for the first time by herself. Decoden is so popular especially among young Japanese girls but that concept was not accepted by the French girls around her at that time, saying “What’s good about decorating on the machine?”according to her.

A girl from Sweden reads Gyaru magazine, speaks Gyaru ways, hangs out with Gyaru friends, and wears Gyaru make-ups, screaming “I wanna be a Japanese!!” That’s weird. She looks good as the way she is. She has to wear too much make-ups and to go to tanning salon very frequently to get Gyaru-looking tanned skin. But she doesn’t matter as long as she can be a member of Gyaru circle.

An American girl named Wendy answered the questions best and she won the chance to be snapped by KERA magazine. She says she likes 80’s fashion and she’s been collecting ponies. She is a student at Japanese uni. and in the future, she wants to be a Japanese teacher.

It was impressive when I heard someone said in Western culture hart shaped motif will not be used for bag for the adults to have. In Japan it’s everywhere!

The show also interviewed a mother & daughter from Paris when they were at Jingu bridge in Harajuku.
They were there to check out what they can sell when they are back to Paris. Yes, they are planning to open a shop in Paris where they are selling the goods they purchased in Harajuku! That’s cool!!

Here’s the store introduced in the show.
Closet Child
Oh, that is pretty close to where I used to work in Harajuku!
It’s funny when I was working in Harajuku, I didn’t drop at any shops around, but when I think back now, I was located very close to the shops or places where people from other countries love to be!


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