Men's fashion

Men’s fashion
27/Aug/2008 on air

Men’s fashion model who used to be a subscriber to a fashion magazine is called “Men-mo” meaning Men’s dokusya model. Ryo is a cutting-edge famous men-mo, who even owns his brand and a company. The brand concept is that he makes only what he wants to wear.

Lately, reflecting such trend, young students who wanna be a brand producer and own his original fashion brand gathers at a professional fashion brand career college. It’s not only girls but guys are also getting fashionable in Tokyo. Becoming a fashion leader in Tokyo means a lot to young men. For example, Mr. Nara is such a popular hair stylist that the type of clothes he wears are called “Nara chaku (=worn)” and young men love to buy them.

Karl Wolf went shopping at Shibuya 109.

Oh, this is interesting. Paying 3000 yen (about US$30) per year and get fashion advice from professional coordinators at Osaka Hankyu department store, “Hankyu men’s”. I have realised men become more fashionable when Isetan Shinjuku opened “Isetan men’s” several years ago. I think this contributed a lot when Isetan succeeded changing its image and differenciate itself from all the other department stores.

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