keitai (=mobile phone) love

keitai(=mobile phone) love
11/Jun/2008 on air

Communicating by email not from computer but from keitai (means mobile phone in Japanese) is more popular these days, as sending & receiving e-mails on keitai screen is more convenient and we can do that anytime anywhere.

But fashionable young Japanese girls are not satisfied with basic functions with basic design.
Now is the time we can express ourselves in the surface of keitai, spoken as “decoden”, or decoration denwa (Denwa means phone in Japanese.), and inside the e-mail we can share our emotion more accurately with pictogram or kawaii characters, which was spoken as “decome” or decoration mail, rather than typed text.

People in younger generation are more serious about not hurting or offending others’ feelings and this is why decoration mail or pictogram is used more frequently compared with older generations.
I think that trend is good to make our communication and human relationships more smooth.

Mr. Watanabe, a professional deco(den) designer who is making one for Cyndi Lauper, started his business 10 years ago when decorating on keitai (mobile phone) was not that popular and there was no professional competitors around. Asking him for making a decoden costs 20,000 yen (about US$200) in average, and the most expensive one would cost about 100,000 yen!! A 100,000 yen for keitai decoration?! But he says he receives orders incessantly, while his clients always desire very high quality.

I fond his shop on the web, but there’s no internet shopping, which I can see as he needs to talk.
So if you wanna try it, I think you have to visit his store for consultation.

Keitai (mobile phone) is not just as a mobile phone.
Young Japanese girls use it as a place to express themselves with pictogram, characters, avatars that even reflect what they actually wear now, decoration mail, etc., etc.
Keitai hardware looks all the same, and there’s not much to make it outstanding when we disregard decoration like this.

I can strongly find myself belonging to an old generation who never cares about too much decoration to express oneself. That maybe because I’ve got many other ways to express myself??


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