Kawaii Summit

Kawaii Summit
7/JAN/2009 on air

If you have seen the show so far, you’ve noticed there are various kinds of kawaii fashion available here in Tokyo, Japan.  The show this time casts an opportunity to talk among Gyaru, Goth, Lolita, Hime, Mote, remake fashion and Men’s fashion leaders.

A representative girl from Gothic fashion, Kitty-san is a famous fashion magazine “dokumo” or a fashion model to the magazine which she used to subscribe to.  Famous fashion magazine, here means such as KERA, one of the most famous Tokyo street fashion magazine.  Her fashion theme is “dark Marchen”, sort of fairy tale tastes under dark gothic image?
Her room stands for what she is.  Her job is a waitress to an unique Izakaya that creates the world of life after death.

A man called Ryo-kun is men’s fashion leader as was already on air. He’s famous among fashionable young girls, as well as young men who wanna be like him. He was a truck driver before he became a fashion model, designer, and a president of his own fashion brand. He’ so successful as to show off his leather jacket as much as 400,000 yen (approx. US$4000) and a cool car of his daily use.

Yu-chan stands for a model of remake fashion. She enjoys making her original outfit from clothes she buys at second hand stores.

Kay-san, a black lady from NY, is so unique.  She represents as a Lolita fashion leader.  She came to Japan to study fashion in Tokyo professionally and her dream is to open a fashion brand store of her tastes in Tokyo.   She spends 90 minutes to dress up every morning!  “If I dress like this in NY, people would laugh at me”, says Kay-san.  But she can do that with no hesitation as long as she is located in Tokyo! 

Himena-san is representing Hime fashion.  She buys famous brand items one after another to make her look better.  “I’m spending as much as 300,000 yen (about US$3000) per month to buy clothes, because I’m deeply in love with what I wear.”  She’s earning handsome money, huh! 

Hara-san is from Mote-kei.  She actually looks no specific compared with other unique fashion leaders.  She is kinda girl who’s always looking for a good man, repeating a party called “Goukon” about 8 times a month to have an opportunity to meet new men.  Hence her fashion tends to be focused on whether men like it or not, instead of her own tastes.  This concept is totally different from Goth, Loli, Hime and Akiba fashion leaders who dress like whatever they want and do not care about how others would see it or think about.

Gyaru is a popular style.  This fashion also tends to catch men’s interests and attention.  But the difference between Mote-kei is that Gyaru looks more erotic.  So we call it “Ero-kawaii”.

Finally Akiba hero-san, a hero in Akihabara.  His fashion trend is inspired from anime and game.

These unique fashion leaders from 8 different types of major fashion tastes discuss which fashion he or she likes or not.  The difference comes from whether he or she cares about what others would see how they are dressed. 

At the latter part of the show, Graffiti corner introduces some fashion leaders of strong character, such as Rieko-san, a charismatic sales girl who is as famous as having her doll produced.  She works for 6% Dokidoki.  Wakamatsu-san from Q-pot is such a kawaii man wearing eyeglasses made from chocolate!  Can you see they are melting?  He is such a cute designer and the owner of Q-pot which is popular with its iphone decoration items these days.  Yamaguchi-san enjoys taking snap photos of himself in Isetan bathroom.  He lives in a warehouse.  No, his house is like a warehouse, filled with clothes (150xT, 50xjacket), shoes(150 pairs), accessories and more items for fashion!  Wow, he lives to enjoy dressing himself!  🙄


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