Kawaii School Uniform

Kawaii School Uniform
19/Nov/2008 on air

It’s very common for students to wear school uniform to go to jr. high or high school in Japan. Whereas, it’s also true that some schools do not have uniform so that the students can wear private clothes. But these days students who are supposed to wear private clothes do wear something that looks like school uniform that actually are sold as “private clothes”.

What happens? They buy the “uniform” looking clothes at sort of cosplay shops in Harajuku, saying it’s a “Nanchatte seifuku” (meaning “mock uniform”) .

Here’s the sample shop named CONOMI that was introduced in the show.
The shop sales clerk is the ideal adviser for kawaii coordination of school uniform among so many kinds of basic garment such as shirt, skirt, blazer, sweater & cardigan, as well as side item such as ribbon, tie, socks, and so on.

Why do you think school girls do want to wear school uniform when there’s no rule that they have to wear it? That’s because school uniform looks cuter, especially with miniskirt, high socks, and oversized cardigan that makes them look skinnier. That’s Shibuya style.

School uniform has a long history and this is nothing new by now in our country, but it’s remarkable that school uniform fashion is already followed by Britney Spears in 1998 in the U.S.
AKB48 nowadays in Japan for example is kinda popular.
They sing songs wearing school uniform.

Katy Perry now also looks satisfied with Shibuya school girl fashion in complete set of school uniform.


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