Kawaii Eyeglasses

Kawaii eyeglasses
17/DEC/2008 on air

Black-framed glasses used to be a symbol of geek, but now, it’s considered one of the most fashionable accessories! This trend started from Shibuya 109, in which the store named BACKS, a shop specialized in fashionable coordination with black-framed glasses, is so remarkable. As you can see, all the shop staff wears black framed eyeglasses. Why black? No other colors? Because black frame makes us look sexier, more erotic, besides the effect that people can look themselves sexier when wearing eyeglasses.

A 29-year-old, Miyauchi is a trend setter. His annual sales recorded as much as 47 million yen. It’s not only that. He’s already been so famous as a trend maker of the knit cap & checkered one-piece dress. They’ve also hit the young girls by storm. “Big round sunglasses got a big hit. That has a reason. We have kind of desire that we want to transform ourselves, and the sunglasses make one feel like another character of him of her”, says Miyauchi. Eyeglasses are not only for supporting eyesight to get clear vision. These days, especially among young people, they are the item that even can make us change to different personality, or to be sexier!

The Tokyo Kawaii TV reporters (Mr. Ikki & Beni-chan) visited Lunnetes du Jura where more than 1000 pairs of eyeglasses that are imported from all over the world are sold. Mr. Ikki & Beni-chan look for the eyeglasses that are most attractive to opposite sex. The one Mr. Ikki picked out was made in Belgium. Beni-chan’s choice was British. Round-shaped eyeglasses give friendly impressions, while rectangular wide shape will make us look like competent business person.

3 men, 3 designers, they are brilliant creator scored 110,000 pairs of eyeglasses sales in the world so far. The sketch is the image if they work for original eyeglasses that represent Tokyo Kawaii TV. This is just an image, and not for sale.

In Harajuku, younger people enjoy wearing more colorful, bizarre, and much cheaper eyeglasses that cost only 300-1000yen. You can buy them, for example, at Irohado or maybe Bunkaya Zakkaten in Harajuku. On the street, Yuka-chan is interviewed for her eyeglasses collections as many as 35 pairs. What’s cool about her is that she doesn’t wear glasses to support the eyesight. That’s what contact lenses do for her. Yes, she wears contact lenses and then wears eyeglasses with fake lenses as fashion accessory, which are a lot cheaper than normal spectacles! In that way she can enjoy various kinds of spectacle frames, depending on what she wears. I think that is so true and I really agree with her speech.

Eyeglasses are of course not for ladies, but men also look good with nice, fashionable eyeglasses and that trend is getting hot. Look at Megane (means eyeglasses in Japanese) Suit Café in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. All of the waiters are wearing eyeglasses. What’s interesting is that they intentionally change “characters” as per which eyeglasses they wear.

It’s not Obama but Sarah Palin who caught Tokyo Kawaii TV. To be exact, the eyeglasses that Sarah Palin wears were remarkable. Did you know they are made in Japan? Sabae city in Fukui prefecture is famous for its eyeglasses industry. The city continues making eyeglasses for over century and is the top manufacturer with over 600 factories in Japan. Kazuo Kawasaki designed the eyeglasses for Palin, and since she was on TV and got famous, the amount of orders turned to be high volume immediately. They owe much to Palin, because before that, they suffered from cheap products from Chinese competitors. “Made in Japan is cool. Our elaborate manufacture and professional skills are what we are proud of against the world.” But the mayor of Sabae city thinks they must focus on young people nowadays so that they can make more sales of their eyeglasses. He is so serious as to ask a top stylist Sasaki-san, who usually works for some famous models such as Anna Tsuchiya or Rinka to collaborate with an eyeglass maker in the city. Can Sabae-city catch the trend and stay as NO.1 eyeglass manufacturer in Japan? I do hope so!


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