Harajuku remake fashion

Harajuku remake fashion
16/Jul/2008 on air

This is so creative and look so fun.
We can find cheap second-handed clothes in Harajuku.
G2 Question
Panama Boy
Thank You (39) Mart
Rocker and Hooker

There are thousands of tons of kawaii clothings, garments, accessaries in Tokyo, but what’s interesting is that girls may not be satisfied with ready-made stuff. They seek more uniqueness, individuality, and kawaii supported by own inspiration! I really like what they do. Thier ideas are very free and unique.

We have to wait over 6 months if we want a famous remake fashion designer Mr. Nakano to fix custom-made clothes. Remaking a T-shirt seems easy as far as we watch the video, but once we do that, it’s not that easy as it seems, according to the reporters.

Remake fashion is also popular in London. It’s good to reuse the old clothes to create something new, and this is also friendly to the environment in terms of eco purposes.

Krystal Meyers went shopping in Shimokitazawa.
Kanzashiya “Wargo”
Antique Kimono “Kien”

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