girl's make-up

Girl’s make-up 2008
18/Jun/2008 on air

How long do you spare for your make-up?
In the video it’s said 37 minutes in average, according to the interview among young Tokyo girls.
( I won’t, and I’m not that young in the first place. )

Nowadays girls start make-up from high school, which was not that popular when I was that age.
Cosmetics industry in Japan is growing every year with wide range of products that reflect what users desire. False eyelash, for example, has wide variety and girls put big one for upper side, small one for down side, and narrow one at the tail of the eye.

It’s not unusual that girls spare over an hour to make-up, or make-over, I’d say make-over!
The 3 girls in the video tried out 3 different make-ups.
The first girl “elegance”, the second one “gorgeous” and the third one “gal make”.
You’ll see the difference in the screen. “Gal make” is a make-up that is famous among Shibuya girls. It seems a little over done but is liked especially among young girls in Shibuya. (Actually the style is just originated or started from Shibuya, and girls with this make-ups can be anywhere in the country.)

“Born as a woman, then why not make more efforts to be more beautiful?”
That is so true, I know how much opposite sex might think that way, especially someone who was born as a male physically but mental structure is completely female.

Make-up changes our appearances a lot, and it is so fun. I wish I could spare some time to enjoy “being a woman” but I know I would spare that time for something else, such as … possibly blogging?


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