confectionery motif kawaii

Kawaii sweets motif
3/Sept/2008 on air

Girls love to eat something sweet.  They also love to carry and wear something sweet.

If you are looking for some kawaii confectionery motif accessories or fashion, just go to Harajuku.
Te To Te is a nail chip shop in Harajuku, where they have 400 different designs available and sweets motif is the best selling.  Each part costs 30-150yen and they are so popular among high teens. With such nails we cannot even remove contact lenses, but they just don’t care.  They use some cotton buds instead.

Uniqlo T-shirt shop sells cupcake printed T-shirt this summer. 
6%DOKIDOKI is the birthplace of okashi (confectionery) motif.
Both shops are located in Harajuku, as well as Q-POT.

Sweets accessories originated in Q-POT.  The brand has been well known over the country, since it was dealt in Shinjuku Isetan, and since 2007 salon de chocolat in Paris, it opens stores overseas. Working girls in their 20’s and 30’s are the frequent buyer of Q-POT. It’s easy to imagine that having sweets motif goods at hand gives us a feeling of relax and healing.

Q-POT is designed by a man, Mr. Wakamatsu, in love with sweets.  His way of thinking is kinda similar to girls, when he says he’d be happy if he can wear kawaii macaroon even after he eats up the real one. (He’s so cute 31 years old!)

Look at the decayed tooth ring!  There’s a chocolate put at the backside, which is the cause of it, says Mr. Wakamatsu.  He’s so cute!  I really like his idea!

Disclaimer: Tokyo Kawaii TV is a TV program owned and broadcasted by NHK Japan, and has nothing to do with this blog.

***There are archives of episodes listed under the page titled “Tokyo Kawaii TV” that is just located under the title banner of this blog.
***If you want to know the music that was used in the episode, please refer to this page and help yourself to find it by selecting the date when the episode was on air in Japan.


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