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Tiger in Osaka

19 Jan

Gosh! I needed so much time until I finally update this post since I came back from Osaka…late December! x__x

There’s a famous zakka shop (zakka means daily goods in Japanese) in Shinsaibashi, Osaka. That’s Tiger Copenhagen! This is the only store we have in Japan. Yes, the very first store in Japan isn’t located in Tokyo, but in Osaka! The store is so famous for its popularity, because people make a long long line to come into the store for shopping. Well that was the news I heard when the store opened and I didn’t think the line is still long even today!!
tiger Osaka3

I was accompanied by my Osakan friend who hasn’t felt like checking this store out until that day with me because of too many people’s waiting all the time.
tiger Osaka4

When we got there, we were shocked to see many people making a line, waiting to get into the store. A security guard told us, “Here’s the end of the line. I think you’d wait for 40 minutes or so.” I’d give up waiting if I were alone but having my long-time-no-see friend with me, I thought I could chat with her while we were waiting.

As it turned out, however, 40 minutes was not necessary. The line moved so quickly and I guess we only waited for 10 or 15 minutes. So this is a picture I took from inside the store. Still many people waiting, huh?
tiger Osaka1
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Daichu -Asian zakka + panda goods?!-

21 Jul

Asian zakka shop
Daichu (大中)
store locations: several locations in Kanto, 1 shop in Niigata, 3 shops in Kinki and Tokai, and 1 shop in Kyushu.
(The pictures for this post were taken at the store in Kawasaki atre.)

The other day after work, I found such kawaii panda goods sold at Daichu. Daichu is a shop that basically sells Asian zakka. It was a bit surprising to find them selling so many panda goods there. Speaking of panda however, Shin Shin, the giant panda at Ueno zoo just got a baby sometime ago but unfortunately the baby died only on the 6th day. I have no idea if the Shin Shin’s delivering her baby had anything to do with so many panda zakka. Or, they sell panda goods all the time because panda is from China and it’s an Asican zakka store and it’s natural they have Chinese themed goods…

Whatever…I found they are so cute! 🙂

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Zakka shopping in Jiyugaoka

10 Jan

(It’s a post from Apple)…sorry I forgot to mention it -by Kirin

I really really like 雑貨(zakka).

Do you know what is zakka? According to wiki, it is everything and anything that improves your home, life and appearance.

But to me, zakka is more than that. It’s the little things that add colour and charm to the otherwise everyday routine and ordinary life. I especially appreciate handmade zakka. Zakka can make me feel very happy inside!

Zakka that I am particularly interested in is room zakka. I squeal over pretty and cute drawers, photoframes, clocks, lamps, vases, stools, toys, bedsheets, pillows, small tables, mirrors, 2-seaters and so on. I really like to see all these inspiring room furniture and imagine how they would look in my room.

I also like zakka that can be found in the kitchen! For example, colourful chopsticks, cute spoons and forks, pretty bento boxes, dainty plates and bowls, charming glasses and cups…

Zakka is better seen than described I suppose. Haha!

Well, anyway, I had a stroll with my long-time Japanese friend one fine summer day in one of the places in Tokyo with many zakka shops – Jiyugaoka.

Let me share with you some pictures I took while in Jiyugaoka~ ^^

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