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Do you like DOMO or KERORO?

14 Sep
domokun I wonder if there are any other places but Japan where people like cute characters as much as Japanese people. I am not that much into character goods, except that I love Rilakkuma, but I think they are all so kawaii! Even Ultraman can be so cute when he turns to be a little soft toy! I happened to find this character street when I dropped at Rilakkuma store.

Tokyo Character Street is located in the basement of Tokyo station where you can shop following character toys.

-NHK characters, as represented by Domo-kun.
-Hello Kitty shop
-Snoopy shop
Rascal (I loved this anime so much when I was a kid! I miss it!!)
-Ghibli characters, as represented by Ponyo or Totoro.
-Fuji TV characters
-TV Tokyo characters, as represented by Keroro Gunso.
-TV Asahi characters, as represented by Doraemon.
-Nihon TV characters
-Jump shop with characters such as One Piece or Reborn.
-Ultraman shop
…and so on. So many cute character toy shops gathered at one location in Tokyo, which was just like another KIDDY LAND to me.



But I never expected Rascal shop. It’s an old anime. Are you familiar with Rascal?

When I was a kid, I had many kind of animals; bird, rabbit, hamster, dog…It’s not too much to say that I grew up with animals. They were always around me since I was very little. Now I can feel these great anime programs might have influenced that, as I really liked watching “Rascal” and “Flanders no inu (dog)” far more than girly anime such as Candy Candy.

Are they familiar to you, too? I heard many Japanese anime can be watched overseas. Well…I am totally off the track! :p If you find characters of your taste, Tokyo Character Street is another option!