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Japanese imitative words

4 Oct

I made another video in which I explained how we use Katakana for imitative words in Japanese.

There are a lot more of this kind, and there’s no way I can cover everything. I just wanted to tell you the image. 🙂


Your name in Katakana

18 Sep

Thank you so much for your comments to my Japanese video.  I was really wondering if I should ever start Japanese tutorial videos like this, although I have received requests from my blog readers from time to time.

I found comments from my blog readers sound so interesting, as I never know what you’d feel confused or difficult when you learn Japanese.  You know, when I mean I never know, which is because it’s a mother tongue to me and I am not a qualified Japanese teacher. But thanks to your opinions and comments, I think I know what I should explain in my following videos. 

BTW, I found an interesting Japanese site that lists foreign names (British, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Finnish, Russian and Korean) described in Katakana!  Now you know why these are to be in Katakana, and not in Hiragana. 😉

Your name in Katakana

*Press the flag. 3 flags for one country means; 1st one for male name, 2nd one for female name, and the 3rd one for family name.

Your name may not be there, as there’s no way the site can cover every name. You may also wonder how your name can be described in Kanji. This is a frequently asked question all the time, but I’ll spare a post on that for next time!

Enjoy your name in Japanese! 😀

hiragana and katakana

16 Sep

I made a simple video explaining difference of Hiragana and Katakana for those who study Japanese. I’ll make continuous series of such video to explain more. So please let me know what you want to learn from me.