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Some kawaii stuff from my daily life

22 Jul

It’s just a short post that simply shares some kawaii food and etc. I can find from my daily life in Tokyo.

Kawaii pastries
Kawaii pastries like these are not at every bakery. I think I found them at some Depachika in Tokyo…

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My Kawaii Entry 9

6 Mar

My Kawaii Entries from TKE readers still continue. 😀

entry #11

Just to let everyone know : Collecting Hello Kitty products are *not obsessions* (ahahhahaha) Since I am limited to only 7 pictures. This is only 10% of what I have. =)

I recently bought 2 new Hello Kitty bags from Japan and they are so CUTE!

On top of my Hello Kitty bags, I use a Hello Kitty lunch bag when I packed lunch for school. I really like this since it was from my host mother.

I deco my Japanese/English pink dictionary as well.

Even my Nintendo DS has deco as well =) with Rirakuma pen for gaming.

I received a Hello Piggy bank for my 10th birthday and I still use it = )

Follow Kaoru on her blog if you like her collections! 😉

Thank you Kaoru! Your Hello Kitty deco is awesome! 🙂

Who’s next? Read this post and share your kawaii collections with us and other TKE readers!!

Let's go and meet Hello Kitty and her friends! :)

21 Dec

Apple shares her experience of visiting Sanrio Puroland. Have you been there?

===Apple’s post starts from here===

I notice that there are many Hello Kitty fans here in TokyoKawaiiEtc. So I thought of sharing this place with you.

Well, Hello Kitty fans probably know about this place already.


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Torinoichi at Ootori Shrine, Asakusa

23 Nov

I was able to check out the “Tori-no-ichi” at Ootori Shine, Asakusa the other day. People come to pray for prosperous business. Usually we have Torinoichi 2 or 3 times in November every year and this year, it was 7th and 19th (open from 12:00am to 12:00pm, 24 hours).

I dropped by the second one, the 19th one in the evening, but I wish I could have made it in a daytime or in the morning when there should have been less people around. I was just overwhelmed at way too large number of people there and I gave up making a line to wait for more than 40 minutes or so for praying. :p You know I don’t like crowds, I was not feeling very good on the way back home. I was exhausted with stiff shoulder and pains on my body, until I had a hot bath at home.

Anyhow, I skipped praying. I didn’t want to join that long queue. This sounds so bad…I wonder if this brings bad luck to my business. Well…let’s see how things turn out.

There were so many stalls and people eating and drinking. Too bad I just dropped by and so I was alone, and finished dinner already. I just had a onigiri rolled with pork. It’s called “Niku maki onigiri” and originally from Miyazaki. I was going to try it when I go to Miyazaki this winter but I couldn’t wait. ^ ^; I had the one with pork seasoned with soy sauce, the very simple one. It was not bad but not that special to me. I expected addictive taste from its appearances but it was not really. I may want to try more complicated ones in Miyazaki later. :p

I decided to buy something to bring back home and eat it with my hubby later.

It’s a video I took at a Takoyaki (octopus dumpling) stall while I was waiting. I am not a fan of Takoyaki, but the big lump of octopus that is as fresh as sashimi inside the ball was very tempting. ^ ^ I bought one to take away.

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I just checked out Hello Kitty's Kawaii Paradise!!

8 Nov

I had a chance to go to Odaiba the other day. The game center on the ground floor of Venus Fort was closed down and was replaced by Hello Kitty’s Kawaii Paradise, which opened on Friday Oct. 22, 2010. I found the most of the area on the floor was renovated with new shops, while I could find the familiar dog goods stores remaining. 🙂

I went out on weekday evening, but I was kind of surprised to see how small people were there, nevertheless it only opened about 2 weeks ago. Well, I think it’s because of the place. Odaiba is a bit away of central Tokyo. It’s possible that not many people would feel like visiting such a place after work or school. :p

I’ve also updated the video on Youtube.

But I’ll explain one by one with pictures I took from there.
At the entrance, there was a vending car that was selling Hello Kitty Yaki, or just like Taiyaki, from several options of different flavors.

This is a huge Kitty statue located at the center that represents this amusement facility. 🙂 Kitty looks like a goddess or something!?

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Hello Kitty hair salon

20 Aug

Since I had a discount ticket from Swimmer that can be used only Kawasaki – Yokohama area, I visited Lalaport Yokohama shopping mall for the first time the other day to get the goods for giveaway gift. Well, to be exact, I live somewhere just between Shibuya and Yokohama, 15 minutes to each by train. Thus I sometimes prefer going to Yokohama to Tokyo because it’s less people. I don’t like crowds. :p

In spite of weekdays, there were rather many people. No wonder, it’s in the middle of summer vacation for the most of people! As I work from home, my holiday will be when I have less work to be done or when others are working. I even prefer working over weekends, which is again to avoid crowds, and I’d go shopping in a daytime during weekdays. (I like shopping alone, because I’ve never made a great buy when I was with friends. I guess my attention is distracted by chatting more than shopping!) I feel very tired when I’m back from places like Shibuya or Shinjuku. But the fatigue can be healed unbelievably once I take a hot bath. I love bathing but it’s too hot to bathe during summer. 😦

Anyhow I found something weird at the shopping mall. It’s Hello Kitty hair salon!
I saw a little girl having her hair cut while she was crying… This place must be something fun and the parents will have to pay more than they’d do at ordinary hair salons. According to the salon, they let kids watch Sanrio DVD and take a picture with the Kitty doll at the end. The hair salon encourages moms to get their hair done while their kids get a haircut. To me hair salon is sort of relaxing and refreshing place. I felt for busy moms.

I somehow felt it little weird, though. This weirdness may have something to do with Sanrio Puroland, I guessed. It’s very interesting that I like Hello Kitty more than Disney characters but I like Tokyo Disneyland and Disneysea hundred times more than Sanrio Puroland. Well, to be honest, I’ve never been there because I’m not inclined to. Having Hello Kitty goods and being surrounded by Hello Kitty themed interior is quite another thing, although Hello Kitty interior looks more familiar in Taiwan. Especially Hello Kitty doll at the front was weird when we are used to the little Kitty-chan with a large head and too short feet. The balance of the doll is very different from Hello Kitty as a character that we love.

When I felt sick of entire pink with too bright light, I found more pink right next to the Hello Kitty studio. (BTW what color is the complementary color against pink? I wondered how it’d be like to work inside this store everyday from open to close. I’d go crazy if I had to. Likewise I cannot stand listening to the same music on and on… So many things made me end up with working from home. haha…^ ^;)

It’s Pink-Latte, one of the branch stores I have seen in Harajuku. I saw so many teenage kids shopping there. I was just like out-of-place adult who liked to shop something teenage girls loved. Well but I like small goods from Pink Latte. I didn’t know they had so many stores around Japan.

To my surprise, I also found SunHoseki store on the same floor, which I may post under kawaii shop later. SunHoseki is definitely for teen age kids. I believe their goods will be nice souvenirs to kids because they are cheap and kawaii. 🙂

Do you have character themed hair salons in your area?

Hello Kitty stamp

26 May

It might be too late to blog about this when I consider these stamps were on sale about 3 weeks from now, but I found them at a post office today.

It’s 80 yen for a letter in an envelope, 50 yen for a postcard that you need to pay for when you send it inside Japan as an ordinary post.

It looks like they are commemorative stamps celebrating Shanghai expo.
They are cute, but I wonder if I’ll ever write letters or postcards so often. I already have a lot of old postal stamps left at home that I bought long time ago. I wish I could exchange them for real bucks now that I almost completely rely on email. (lol)

However, it’s so nice if I write a letter or a postcard once in a while with such a cute stamp on. I miss my school days when there was no emails, cell phones, even PC… we liked to exchange cute letters with cute stickers among friends. Now when I write to someone, that is more likely a message card that doesn’t need a postal stamp on because I am with it. (lol) If I try to send my friends new years cards, we usually buy the cards with postal fee including because they have lottery numbers.

Year after year I have less opportunities to use postal stamps, so why should I get more now? I talked to myself, I shouldn’t need them unless I sell them later at an auction or somewhere. (lol)