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Kawaii dog apparel online shop (product review)

8 Nov


“Idog” is a kawaii dog clothing online shop in Japan. The good news today is they opened an online shop dedicated to international shoppers in English!
Here’s the website. Check it out! => idog

I’ve declined proposals to do a product review for a specific item so many times so far, but I accepted this one for the first time because I’m in love with their products! I was allowed to choose a set of harness and leash and 1 piece of clothing for this article. I actually spent so much time to choose them because they carry so many kawaii clothing. ^ ^;;

I finally settled at this set of harness and leash and a raincoat for Pi-chan.

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Fashionable papa and dogs

10 Apr

Fashionable papa and dogs
9/OCT/2010 on air

Fashionable dads in Daikanyama, Tokyo.
Cool baby sling and buggy. Ikumen (ikuji = parenting + men) is a coined term in Japanese that means fathers who enjoy parenting proactively. (Kirin’s supplementary comment: This may sound unfamiliar, but so far in Japan most fathers have spent more time working outside and it’s been always mothers who basically take care of their kids. That’s why there are many stay-at-home mothers or those who give up their career to end up with doing a 3-5 hours of part-time job that needs no professional knowledge or experience, and work-into-the-night fathers in Japan. Fathers cannot have a chance to play with their kids during weekdays.)

FQ Japan is a fashion magazine targeted for Ikumen. It’s only less than 2% of working men that decide to take paternal leave in Japan. However, little by little, fathers who enjoy parenting proactively are growing. In fact, it’s not only kids but dogs are also loved as much as kids in Japan today. Dogs are dressed with Yukata or functional clothing that should protect them from strong sunshine, or even handmade clothes by their owners. Japanese dogs are very fashionable!

What are these men in love with?
Takahashi-san regards himself as Ikumen. Since he had his first-born son, he realized there was no buggy he wanted to use for his son. Then he made a buggy from a stepladder by himself. Furthermore he spent 3 years to upgrade it as a buggy for men to carry. He sold 150 buggies in half a year. Basically his hobby was bicycle. He quit the construction company he was working for to start up his own business. He wanted to make a cool buggy that men can use without embarrassment.

La Fuente Daikanyama is one of the spots where Ikumen like to come. It’s where Ikumen can find some nice goods for nursing kids.

Fujino-san is Inumen, instead of Ikumen. What’s that? Inu means dog in Japanese. He loves to dress his dog, “Natsume-chan” beautifully. Natsume-chan has appeared on a dog magazine “Pug Fan” with Tina Turner, Rococo, and several ways of coordination. He works from a small 4.5Jo (about 7 square meters) room in his house, where he makes sweet dresses for his dog . He’s using the same pattern paper for over 10 years and spends a whole day to make the sweet lolita dress for Natsume-chan. He uses the sewing machine only for her.

What’s going on with dog business in Japan?
Crystal Ball nowadays put more emphasis on dog items. Down vest is for 12,600yen. Carry bag is for 16,800yen. T-shirt is for 5,145yen.

In Japan, esthetic salons exclusive for dog are also available. Mud pack is for 3,680yen. Herbal bath is 1,050yen. Dog nail painting is for 2,500yen. There are a lot more exclusive services and goods for dogs such as dog cake.

There is a company that even changed their major products from sportswear to dog wear. Their oriental zodiac costumes have become so popular thanks to mouth communication, which accelerated their development of more functional lines. “There are kawaii dog clothes everywhere. Our products are not only kawaii but also functional!” They have developed the outfits that do not let mosquito approach the dogs by using special cloth. One of their staff repeated experiment by exposing his skin to mosquito!

Blythe is a customized doll originated from the U.S about 40 years ago but are now very popular in Japan. What makes these dolls very special is that we can customize them with clothing, accessories, makeup, eye colors and etc. as we like!  Robin-san is a Dollmen who loves dolls just so much. His hobby is shooting Blythe doll’s photos in some pretty ways. He is not interested in human, because dolls never complain.

Kirin’s opinion:
As a dog owner I understand it’s fun to dress dogs with cute outfits but I don’t know if the dogs really enjoy what they are wearing. If I ever have a chance to learn how to use sewing machine, the first thing I want to make is a dog outfit for Pi-chan. While at the same time I know she doesn’t like to dress anything basically. I get her dressed only during winter when the temperature inside and outside house is very different. But I like idog‘s outfits. They are cute, functional, durable and reasonable! I knew them from internet, I didn’t know they were already so popular. I have 2 shirts from idog, which I bought at 1000yen for sale. 3 other outfits were from Pet Paradise, and 1 from my friend. Crystal Ball is cute, but just way too expensive for dog clothing or goods. I could buy my clothes with that amount of money!! Esthetic treatment, mud pack and nail painting for dog? That’s crazy!! I think that’s too extreme. But such business would not exist in Japan if there were less customers. (*_*)

Disclaimer: Tokyo Kawaii TV is a TV program owned and broadcasted by NHK Japan, and has nothing to do with this blog.

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Pi-chan disturbs my work

30 Jan

Pi-chan (my dog) lately seems to be frightened by dog clothes.
She didn’t have any problem wearing clothes, but somehow lately she starts shivering when I try to get her dressed. I don’t want to dress her only because that is cute. Air is too dry during winter over here, she always attracts dust and dirt whenever she walks outside because of static electricity. Her white colored legs turn gray because of dust and I don’t feel comfortable enough even if I wash her legs well with soap. I decided to give her a short haircut even though it’s in the middle of winter. I thought it was OK if I got her dressed with her clothes.

Well…I was wrong. She keeps shivering and looks so insecure and uneasy once I get her dressed. She never tries to stay away from me.

Usually this is the position she likes to stay, while I am working on computer.

Now I feel uneasy with her on my knees. ^ ^;

She must be wondering where to place her chin to relax.

I’m sure this should not be comfortable to her…lol

Funny face! lol I was more interested in taking her pictures than continuing my work. This is why I say she is disturbing my work. ^ ^;

She didn’t move for hours.

I feel sorry that I have to dress her no matter how she is frightened. But I have to because she will feel so cold without long fur. First of all, I wonder what was the cause that made her feel scared about wearing clothes. Now I give her a little treat whenever I get her dressed so I should change her fear to excitement against wearing clothes. I know I should give up dressing her clothing for her sake, but for some practical reasons and yes for my sake, it’s difficult.

What do you think about dog clothing? Is it good or bad, practical or superficial?

Kawaii dog clothes shop in Japan

4 Jul

As an owner of dog, I sometimes go check out dog goods stores to buy some treats or toys for Pi-chan. Pi-chan is a Shih-Tzu dog who is weak under hot weather but strong againt cold weather, which is why I cannot enjoy dressing her with cute little clothes. 😦 I only have 4 pieces of clothing for winter season (January and February) and that’s only for the time when she walks outside. She doesn’t even need them inside house during winter.

Dog clothing is so cute and fashionable here in Japan. But it’s also very expensive. Even if it’s handful size, it costs almost the same as our clothes…well sometimes even more than ours! (lol) Thus, what I look for is cheap kawaii one. I cannot expect hella cute and fashionable stuff but I can get so-so kawaii at OK price such as 2500yen. (There are dog clothes priced almost 10,000yen for a single tiny shirt if I look for the store around Aoyama – Daikanyama, for example. But no~ I cannot afford that much for a piece of clothes for my dog!) So where am I shopping them?

★affordable dog goods/clothes shop★
Pet Paradise (anywhere in Japan, on-line and off-line)

Whether it’s on-line or off-line, I often shop at Pet Paradise.

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