Shinjuku ISETAN

★elegant department store★
Shinjuku ISETAN
address: 3-14-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
phone: 03-3352-1111
open: 10am-8pm (mostly open 7days a week)

***ISETAN has some baranch stores.
( )
The other day I went to Shinjuku(新宿), Tokyo to get the watch of my father-in-law’s fixed and to check out the pet goods store at Isetan(伊勢丹), as we’re planning to keep a puppy dog in the near future.

Speaking of department stores, Isetan is doing pretty good job while entire department industry is suffering from losing customers under bad economy. Above all, Shinjuku Isetan gives us the impression that it’s special. Especially since it opened men’s wing it was reported again and again because it was designed only for men and it targeted men who care about beauty and fashion, which was innovative at that time.

Usually any department store has a whole floor selling confectionery and foods to go and that is located at the underground floor. This is called “depa-chika” meaning depa(=department) + chica(chica is 地下, underground in Japanese). Depa-chika (デパ地下)is always a little bit noisy and crowded but when it comes to Shinjuku Isetan, it was not that noisy. Beautiful piece of cakes and chocolates are placed just like the jewel or wallet or any small goods. I found some Kimono dressed elegant ladies enjoying shopping there.

I could even feel that I was out of place! I felt as if I took a glance into some gorgeous life. I’m so convinced by now why it is said that Isetan is successful among any other department stores. The pet goods store was also not for my place (^_^;) I cannot afford 40,000 yen (about US$380-400) for a carry bag, nor over 20,000yen for an accessory for my dog to wear.

Shinjuku Isetan is not a place to go with T-shirt and denim. Of course there’s no dress code like that, but when surrounded by sales clerks who dress black pants suit and white gloves (every sales clerk dresses like this) I’d feel clumsy if I do not get dressed and make-up properly…(*_*)


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