★sweet accessories★

address: 6-11-4 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
phone: 03-5467-5470
open: everyday 12pm-8pm (exclud. 1st Jan. new year’s day)


Inspired by Sing yee’s blog, I finally had a chance to find the head store in Harajuku before I went to work the other day!

What’s surprising to me was that the store was on the ground floor of someone’s small house.
Actually it’s very hard to find this store, as it is a bit away from Meiji Ave., where many many fascinating shops and restaurants are with a lot of people walking by. There is a very narrow street, which is as narrow as private alley, between stores, and I didn’t even realize there was a way to go through to the Q-POT. That’s why last time I looked for it, I couldn’t find it.

The store was very small and as is often the case, I was not allowed to take pictures inside.

They are made of PVC, and small pieces of jewels are put on. This allows the price so high as US$80-100 or even more for 1 small chocolate shaped mobile strap or a rubber band for hair. They sell different types of accessories such as burger shaped necklace. In this case, the burger itself is gold and there’s no PVC materials around.

Q-POT Harajuku holds a festival during 26 Apr. thru 11 May. During this period they sell avocado golden burger necklace as a limited production, which is supposed to cost over US$200, and some cafes cooperate for Q-POT so that they serve a “Q-POT special burger” only this period. Being PVC-made avocado added makes the golden burger very special, according to the salesclerk. (Normally the burger comes without avocado.)

It’s kawaii, or cute, to use foods or chocolate or cake as a theme of accessories, however, I would love to buy the one less expensive even without expensive jewelry, if available…

★sweets-motif accessories for iphone, ipod and more★
Q-pot Shinjuku Takashimaya
address: 5-24-2 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
phone: 03-5361-111
open: basically everyday 10am-8pm, but depends on its own schedule.



Q-pot shops are increasing in Japan. I no longer see any reason I focus on one of their stores, but this store used to have kawaii iphone case.

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