pink latte

★for girls who love pink ★
pink latte
address: 1-8-2 SoLaDo Harajuku 1F, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
phone: 03-5775-6627
open: 10am-10pm



If you like pink color and kawaii small goods, why don’t you check out this store in Harajuku?
The interior is as you can see in the photos here, pink, pink, and pink all over, even the ceiling too. Small goods, such as mascot dolls, compact mirrors, and bags or decorations are so kawaii (cute) and just browsing inside the store is even fun to me! I felt like shopping one after another without thinking if the item was really necessary to my life. 😛 I actually liked the small mascot in the photo but I convinced myself I didn’t need it from very bottom of my heart, because I cannot take photos with my mobile phone once I put something on it. The objects will be shown in every photo and that just doesn’t make sense to me at all. 😛

As a matter of fact, I like pink at this moment, but in a few days I may change my mind. In that way, collecting items by the color is not my taste. But staying at the store surrounded by pink all over could be good for women health. Wearing pink colored underwear and lived with it until the age of 60, and do the same with black color, which do you think look younger at 60? The answer is the pink one. This is the story I heard at a color seminar. Color does have power to our life! I’m curious if the sales girls are not suffering from any gynecologic problems at all since they are under such pink surroundings. 😛


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