★tea of any kinds★
address: 1-25-17 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-0035
phone: 03-5731-7370
open: 10am-9pm (on weekdays) 9am-9pm (on weekends)

lupicia jiyugaoka head store This is a tea shop in my favorite station, “Jiyugaoka” and the shop is named “Lupicia”.
(I found they have an English site, too. Does that mean it’s originally from other country? But I can read in the Japanese site that they set-up an English page . They seem to have sales in the U.S, as far as I can see.) Are they familiar in the U.S? In Japan Lupicia has been managing stores all over the country, before I know. I’ve been to the stores at several locations so far, but somehow never ended up buying anything yet.
They deal with whatever kind of tea from whichever countries in the world, and also, they arrange tea with flavour, which results in hundrets of kinds of tea always available at the store!
Moreover, this is most important for me but, what I like most about them is the container of the tea. They have all different colors and designed labels on, and they are so kawaii (cute)!!
Whenever I drop in at the store, I feel like treating myself with a graceful afternoon tea from Lupicia, but being realistic I find myself trying to save time even while I brew from a single tea bag. (>_<) That’s the way I always come out of the store with no purchase after all! hahaha…
This post reminds me of the old tea leaves of which the container I’ve never even opened for over 3 years. My graceful life with Lupicia is so far away from my daily life.

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