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2009 kawaii diary

2009 kawaii diary

2009 kawaii journal

2009 kawaii journal

Is it about time we prepared for 2009 with brand-new schedule book or diary?
Isn’t that too early? I just stopped at the diary corner at the department store the other day, thinking like that.

Yes, it’s too early for those who use diary book from Dec. 2008 to Dec. 2009, but there seems to be some people who use it from Aug. 2008 to Aug. 2009. Aha~! (*0*)
I am impressed though there are so many many kinds of diaries or schedule books available, while I wonder those who need a new one in this season should be minor compared to the most of the other people who renew it at the end-of-the-year season. (Of course I’m the latter one.)

Despite such a minor use (I don’t really know but I just think so) once we are in a store, we can have hundrets of thousands of items from which we can select. This is part of this country.
This could be good or bad. Indeed Japan is a shopping heaven. There are so many kawaii goods and pretty stationeries for reasonable prices all the time. (I know this will drive foreign tourists shopping craze!) We have anything around us anytime. But I just wonder what will become of the leftover. Are there good number of people who would buy the stock of all these books?

I used to ask a sales clerk if they can sell me the leftover, the diary of out-of-date, for a few bucks ( here, I mean 300 yen or something) but I was declined because they said they didn’t keep them any longer.
I love kawaii stuff, but on the other hand I always wonder what happens to the leftover, as I always feel we consume anything too much unnecessarily…That range of variety, is it so important???


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