Laforet Harajuku

★fashion department store★
Laforet Harajuku
address: 1-11-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
phone: 03-3475-0411
open: everyday 11am-8pm

laforet-harajuku There’s no way you should skip Laforet Harajuku if you like fashion, especially Gothic and Lolita. Laforet Harajuku and Shinjuku Marui One are the two major department buildings with many stores selling distinctive fashion styles such as Gothic, Lolita, Punk or Visual-kei.

But these distinctive street fashion brands are available on the B1.5F only, and all the other floors are rather familiar brands that we can see at any other department stores. There is a floor guide from Laforet Harajuku website, from which I can see they’ve changed stores since I took these photos. (These photos are from winter 2008, as I am taking too much time until I finally upload this post.)

As for myself, I am not into Gothic or Lolita sort of fashion, but there seems SWIMMER of daily goods store, to be still available at the underground floor as it used to be. (Here‘s the website.) I like this brand since I was a high school girl. I know it is too childish if I use these goods, but I still like to see what they have. I remember I used to wear pajamas from there when I was a teenager. I’m glad they are doing business for such a long period.
The last picture, the cute bling bling little pouches are from SWIMMER.

There is a book store somewhere on the underground floor, and their books are interesting. They have books especially focusing on fashion, and trends. They should have something like Gothic and Lolita Bible, too.

There is a museum on the top floor where they occasionally have exhibitions. If you like anime-kawaii fashion, QUOLOMO (They have stores in Shinjuku Marui One, too. Here‘s the website.) is on the B1 floor. If you are looking for accessory parts, there’s a store “Kiwa Seisakujo” (Here‘s the website) is on the 3rd floor.

You can see Laforet Harajuku attracts people of various interests. Some go shop Gothic Lolita clothing, some go look for fashion magazines or books of special interests, some go get small accessory parts to make something kawaii by herself, and some may just drop for cafe. How would you like to spend your time at Laforet Harajuku if you have chances to come over?


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