★Gashapon (Gachapon)★
Gachapon Kaikan, Akihabara

address: 1st floor MN Building 3-15-5 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
phone: 03-5209-6020
open: 11am-8:00pm (Mon-Thu)
11am-10pm (Fri, Sat, & day before national holiday)
11am-7pm (Sun & national holiday)
open everyday excluding new year’s day (1st January)

1 time for free Gachapon coupon (equivalent to 200yen about US$2) was good enough to give me the reason to head for the store, “Gachapon Kaikan” in Akihabara.Gachapon (Gashapon) is a capsule toy that has been famous among kids for a long time since my childhood. Actually it was called Gacha-gacha when I was a kid. Nowadays Gachapon is no longer for kids to play, but also for adults to collect for fun.

This store has Gachapon vending machines all over, from the ground to the ceiling, from wall to wall, all filled up with many many kinds of Gachapon. We have so many options to select from, and so, even each Gachapon costs only about 200yen, it’s not hard to imagine we will spend 1000yen or more before we know it. Free coupon is a bait. We just cannot leave the store with only one-time Gachapon, we would feel like trying more and more….

Here are what I got. Red + green ones are from Mario as in the famous game character, and they make sounds when I press the center. (I wanted the sound with Mario’s taking a mushroom to be bigger, or the one with coin$$, but what I got was dying and entering a pipe.)
Another small ring is from “Mr. Doughnut”, one of the most famous American doughnut cafe in Japan. (I’m not sure if it is from U.S or just only domestic franchise.) Playing with Gachapon is so fun as it used to be in my childhood, even though I get old. Love Gachapon forever! (^0^)

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