★daily zakka★
There are so many Francfranc stores available in Japan.
They have stores in Hong Kong and Taiwan, too.
Check this out!
( )

Where to buy kawaii daily goods in Japan?

Francfranc is one of the most common shops if you look for zakka ( general goods such as toiletry, lunch box, cup & dish, kitchen tools, stationery, and so on) and casual furniture and lightings. Francfranc has shops anywhere in Japan, which is just like MUJI (Mujirushi Ryohin 無印良品). I think these two are so major by now that anyone would think of when one feels like shopping some good-looking zakka for one’s house.

Francfranc and MUJI are so spread, especially in Tokyo area. I’d say I can buy from these stores any time, anywhere, which is not valuable to me any more.

I’d rather shop at individual store with its original taste and I may wait until I find the very something I was looking for. Of course there are some cups at my house that I bought from Francfranc when they went for sale. They are good and durable(^_^). But I’d love to walk around to find the goods of “my taste” and that does not have to be wide spread…


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