Unagi (Japanese eel)

Unagi, or Japanese eel

Unagi, or Japanese eel

★Unagi (Japanese eel) ★

If we try to eat out Unagi, it costs as much as for US$30 per person. So that’s not gonna be my ordinary meal. But I could buy the one already cooked at a supermarket for as low as about 1000yen or so (US$10) anytime, and I could fix it to a good taste.

If you just use microwave, it won’t taste so good.
So I use grill.

How to cook Unagi at home
Baked Unagi is sold at supermarket. Buy it and follow below instructions!
1) Put some sake, or Japanese cooking wine on the surface of Unagi.
2)Foil-wrap it.
3)Grill it in an oven.
4)Then, keep warming until Unagi gets soft.
5)Put a sauce over Unagi. (This sauce comes along with Unagi.)
6)Keep warming until you think it is ready.

That’s it! Cut the Unagi into appropriate size, put it over steamed rice, and add some sansho, a sort of spice which also comes with Unagi sauce.

Sake softens Unagi and makes it easier to absorb Unagi sauce well.
That’s why we cannot avoid the first step.

Unagi is one of my favorite Japanese foods, (^ ^) I sometimes feel like having it desperately.


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