Omuraisu (omelet & rice)



★Omuraisu (=omelet & rice)★

Yoshoku (洋食)

-Western cuisine arranged in Japanese way-

OK, up to this phase, I think I can make Omurice. But from the next stage to the final, I always finish messed up and so as this time, I have no picture to show you how my omurice looked before I ate today…(^_^;) Instead, please watch the video I found at Youtube and you’ll see how difficult the process is to complete this yummy dish.

Omurice is a mixture of an omelette and chicken rice (rice fried with chicken & vegetables and seasoned with ketchup, pepper & salt) This is also Japanese cuisine, arranged Western cuisine into Japanese way, and such type of dish is in general called Yoshoku.

There are many kinds of Yoshoku, and I do love them a lot! (Honestly I don’t like ordinary Japanese foods or cuisine so much, I’d prefer pasta, steak, salad, etc. but I’m trying to eat Japanese at least once a day, especially at night, to balance my diet. )

There are many beautiful Omurice pictures at Google Image, which I quoted to make up for the forbidden picture of my so-badly broken Omurice. (T_T)


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