okura cuisine

okura cuisine




Summer is the best time for us to eat Okura in Japan.
Japanese people eat it with Natto or Tofu or anyways.

The other day I fixed Okura, rolled by sliced pork.

1) First off, boil Okura in water for 1 minute or less than that. (Do not boil them too long.)
2) Then cut off the top & the bottom part of Okura.
3) Just roll Okura with sliced pork and fry them on the pan with a little bit of oil, season them with salt & pepper, and finally put Ponzu over them when you eat.

mixture of soysauce, vinegar, etc., etc., etc., normally we buy it to keep it for a long time in a fridge. Well, here’s much better description from Wikipedia.

That’s it. Very simple & easy cooking. ~ごちそうさま gochisousama~


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