Natto soybeans

Natto soybeans is very Japanese food.
Not many foreigners would like it.
Even in Japan, most people in west Japan dislike it.

Natto is very good for health. It’s said “meat in the field” because it contains protein like meat, but it is of vegetable origin. It’s also full of vitamins like B2, E, K, Cal, Mag, Iron, Zinc, Kal, isoflavone, and more…

I think Natto is frozen and sold overseas, but it would not look like the one in the picture, which is the original style made by traditional way.

Wrapping steamed soybeans with straws, keep it under 40 degree celsius for a day to wait until it gets fermented. This is how natto is to be made.

Nowadays it is not common to see this straw-wrapping styled natto sold at supermarket even in Japan. Small foam container is used instead of straws, to meet mass-production demands with great efficiency.

I found Youtube video that describes natto far better.
Normally we would add more toppings such as finely-chopped raw cibol, green laver, raw egg, dried bonito, etc. to make the taste richer.


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