Kewpie mayonnaise

★Kewpie mayonnaise★

Kewpie mayonnaise doll I met a human-scaled Tarako QP (Kewpie) doll in a supermarket.
QP is a famous Japanese mayonnaise company which also sells pasta sauces.
Tarako means cod roe, and tarako pasta is a Japanese original recipe.

So QP mayonnaise company deals with tarako pasta sauce, and the doll wearing red garment stands for tarako appearance. There was this strange but somehow addictive song as a background music today, which is just as always. This song is a little scary to me. I feel as if I could get brainwashed into believing like “this is the one for me, I’ve gotta buy it right now, hurry up!”

What song? This song. If you listen to it, you may see what I’m speaking about.

With this unforgattable song and a Kewpie doll that is familiar to anyone from kid to adult, QP mayonnaise has been successful in giving us some strong impressions over Japanese consumers these days, I suppose. It’s needless to say that QP characters are designed in many ways and sold everywhere in Japan. Maybe I should talk about that someday.

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