buta no kakuni

agedashi daikon

Izakaya is a place to drink and eat. It’s a place you can have alcohol, meals, and even desserts all at once. I heard many people from foreign countries get attracted by Izakaya as such place does not exsist in their countries. Bar is for drinking, restaurant is for dining, cafe is for coffee & some confectionary, right? So Izakaya allows us to stay together. Someone prefers alcohol, and others may prefer soft drinks or meals to stuff their stomach, and girls into sweets…for instance.

This sounds Izakaya has everything but nothing, but in fact, the level of each (alcohol/meal/dessert)is very high (of course it depends, though) and really good in variety. I’ll highly recommend you explore it when you have a chance to come to Japan. In Tokyo, there are actually hundrets of thousands of Izakaya, which is just too many to pick out (^_^;)
By the way, I also love to see the dishes when I head for Japanese styled Izakaya, like the one in above pictures. There are Italian style, multi-cultural style, Chinese style, whatsoever besides Japanese style, if I might add. There are so many different choices with different tastes (^0^)

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