It’s September, but still it’s so humid and hot in Tokyo.
We cannot live without air conditioners working all day long…
Here’s one of my favorite Japanese foods in summer season.
It’s Edamame, or boiled green soybeans.

It’s easy to make Edamame. We can buy it in a package containing enough volume to share with a few people, like a family and it costs about 300 yen or so (about US$3). Edamame tastes good just with salt and so, it’s healthy as it needs no oil or sugar.

How to cook Edamame

1)Wash Edamame with water and put some salt over it.
2)Boil enough volume of water (1.5 liter or so) and put a tbs of salt inside, then put Edamame inside.
3)Keep boiling until you taste one to find that it’s ready to eat. (You will see when it’s ready. When Edamame is hard, it’s not ready yet. But you don’t have to wait until it gets too soft. It’s just up to you.)
4)Drain the boiled Edamame over a colander and quench it. But be sure not to put cold water over it, as it loses taste. Just leave it in an open air. You could send wind to quench it, which is OK.

That’s it! So easy and tasty, especially good with beer!

Love Edamame, taste this!


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