Charaben is a kawaii bento!

Kawaii is not only for goods or anime, but nowadays it’s found even inside the lunch box!
“Chara-ben”, or character lunch box is mostly made for kids.

When a mom bothered with her kids’ having difficulties in eating veges or not having fun for eating, she tried to make a lunch box with as much fun as possible to attract her kids. This is how chara-ben is born.
So, it’s not just for kawaii, but from mom’s caring for her kids.

I don’t have kids around, so I have no idea how common it is in Japan to let kids have chara-ben for lunch, but there are instructions available at hand how to make chara-ben by books, by TV program, and also convenient tools are often introduced to help mom to make chara-ben easier.

Here is one example that I happened to find in a flyer from grocery catalogue.

The “face” is made from seaweed, not just a black paper (^_^;)
Just like a hollow punch, it seems we can easily make a “face” with this tool.
Steamed rice is sticky enough to have the “face” pasted without glue.

To me, it’s kawaii, but rather tiresome to make something like this every morning for kids, even if I were a mother. But there are actually many moms who enjoy themselves making chara-ben.

That’s because chara-ben deserves art works? Who else in the world takes long time to make such elaborate lunch every morning? Japanese moms who are into chara-ben are awesome…I don’t think I can be like that. I’m very curious how this is considered or viewed by people from other countries.


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