Japanese Foods

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=♥=♥=Interesting Japanese food=♥=♥=

=♥=♥=Japanese home cooking recipes and tutorials=♥=♥=

=♥=♥=Weekend Dinner (samples of my dinner)=♥=♥=

=♥=♥=My Lunch Today (samples of my lunch)=♥=♥=

yakisoba nozawana
home cooking ramen
yokan, adzuki beans dessert taiyaki, adzuki beans dessert
okura cuisine Unagi, or Japanese eel
edamame somen
Chanko Nabe

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  1. Best season has come for Nabe Ryori, or hot pot in Japanese style! | Tokyo Kawaii, etc. - November 14, 2008

    […] Japanese Foods […]

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