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Kawaii goods for summer

31 May

It’s already very warm here in Japan but the difference between summer is that the humidity is still low. I wish this weather lasts entire summer but unfortunately summer in Japan is quite uncomfortable with too much humidity (around 70%) besides high temperature (around 30-35C). Moreover we will have to save electricity because all the nuclear plants in Japan have been suspended because many of us are against nuclear energy since Fukushima nuclear crisis last year.

Anyhow, under such circumstances, it’s nice to see kawaii gadgets that help us feel cooler in summer. 🙂

These are kawaii refrigerants. I don’t welcome summer as long as I live in Tokyo. ^ ^;; I think it’s only Hokkaido that I can spend summer time comfortably in Japan. It has become the season that I dislike most among 3 other seasons. I like autumn, spring and then winter but not summer, unless it’s less humid.

Fan pen…a pen with a small fan. ^ ^;;

Icecream shaped fan…for cuteness. ^ ^;; I didn’t check if it was a container or it had some function other than a fan.

Eye pillows for cooling down. They are not the items designed for babies, but for adults, just in case you are not familiar with kawaii. ^ ^;; Why such cuteness for adults? You may wonder. When we are tired from work or stressed out at work, such kawaii designs are healing, besides what they can do to us, in terms of function. If we seek for function only, they don’t have to be designed like that. Most of the Japanese need healing, because we are mostly stressed out at work or study. ^ ^;; I don’t think kawaii is simply childish, it’s bringing us healing and peace of mind. I’m sure the texture of the fabric is something relaxing, like a soft towel. ^ ^

Cooling scarves. It seems that the fabric is special that helps us feel a bit chilly when it’s watered (and squeezed). It’s logical that we can feel cooler by placing this item around the neck.

I’ve noticed new shopping malls have opened in Shibuya and Harajuku but I have not had a chance to visit them. Some people also asked me if I’ve been to Tokyo Sky tree, but I don’t think I will while majority of people are so excited about it. I wish to stay away from crowds and buzz. Every time I see on TV how people are excited about it, somehow I feel I don’t want to be involved. Yeah, that’s how I am. :p Weird? Maybe.



22 Feb

For ONEPIECE fans, I found this the other day. If you ever plan to stay in Tokyo during that period, you may want to check it out!

ONEPIECE Exhibition

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Sweet Q-pot smartphone

8 Feb

I’ve introduced Docomo’s cute cellphones in 2009 and 2010, but this time they made it with smartphone! I have no idea why such kawaii phones don’t come out of other cellphone carriers including mine. (*_*)

It’s Docomo’s Q-pot Android Phone SH-04D, manufactured by Sharp.
(Disclaimer: The photos are quoted from Docomo‘s official website.)

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No wonder AKB48 is everywhere!

13 Dec

It’s not too much to say that there’s no day I don’t see AKB48. They are on TV, posters, everywhere… I think most of us are already fed up with that. But there’s no wonder they are everywhere!

AKB48 released a new single “Uekara Mariko” which already has been selling over 1.199 million copies within the first week. AKB48 has been so successful they have the most million-seller single titles among female singers in Japan. All 5 single titles they released in 2011 are sold over million copies.

Uekara Mariko (released 7th Dec. 2011) 1.199 million copies sold in the first week

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New Ghibli Movie: Kokuriko Zaka Kara (From Up on Poppy Hill)

22 Aug

This post is created by Apple and Kirin. It’s our collaboration post! 🙂
Apple’s part starts from here…

I just got to know from my friend that there is a new Ghibli movie! I didn’t know that! I’ve just searched for the trailer on Youtube and here it is! 🙂

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Why power spots?

6 Apr

Why power spots are so popular these days in Japan?
Power spots boom is still active today, and especially supported by women in Japan. The other day I had a chance to speak my own opinion to Metropolis magazine (a free magazine especially dedicated for foreigners living in Tokyo area) about this topic. I briefly commented to them but it’s a good topic to share with my readers as well. Here’s my thought.

For a long time, something spiritual or psychic sounded somewhat dubious to most of Japanese people. However since the TV program titled “Aura no izumi” started, Ehara-san and Miwa-san‘s guide to the spiritual world was so natural that we realized it was OK (safe enough) to speak about things like that. In other words, they succeeded in creating the atmosphere throughout Japan that speaking of something psychic is not seen weird or crazy. I think the “Aura no izumi” was an eye-opening TV program to most of us. Yes, I loved to watch it as much as I could, although I normally don’t watch TV often!!

Ehara-san has also become very well-known icon as a spiritual counselor. He has published a number of self-help books that teach us how to think and live with happiness. Above all, it’s highly possible that the book titled “Shinkikou (神紀行)” published in 2005 can be a great motivator or trigger to power spots boom.

Ehara-san and Miwa-san are also connected with many celebs and high-profile figures in show business in Japan, some talent started to mention their experience of visiting power spots on TV. Japanese women especially like to follow what’s new and hot, they want to take over what the talent they like are experiencing. It was a big profitable chance for mass media and related businesses, there’s no way they miss it. They treated power spots repeatedly on TV, magazines and books, to make it a sort of fad by involving more people. Those people who watched on TV that someone achieved her goal after praying at a certain shrine of certain power spot, will be likely to visit that place.They are willing to travel to the place, shopping related items such as lucky charms and maybe spending more money. It’s a fad and a business that creates a good reason or a trigger to make them open their wallet in a bad economy. That’s how I think.

That’s why those who like to follow power spots boom are not always sincerely following such way of thinking naturally. Some people only like to follow the fad and when it’s gone, they may even forget about that. Or our diseased economy or society can be another factor that makes people rely on anything that might change things better.

However, whatever the immediate reason, I think it’s true that more people are now aware of invisible things than materials and this is a good phenomenon.
What do you think about power spots? Have you visited one of them and had some good effect or luck?

2011 Fukubukuro, or lucky grab bags info.

12 Dec

I thought it’s still too early to search informations on Fukubukuro, or lucky grab bags in 2011, but it was not. It’s high time to book lucky grab bags from your favorite fashion brands online if you don’t want to make a long line to shop in the crowds of the new years sale. As for myself, I somehow never feel like buying garments without trying them to see how the size or color is, no matter how much they are discounted. It’s only a few times in my life that I’ve shopped clothes from online shops, nevertheless I am such a frequent online shopper who buys most of the other things from online shops. :p

Lucky bags are the same thing to me. I cannot try what’s inside the bag before I buy it. But I think I am minor, practical, realistic and boring type of person after all. ^ ^; Most of the Japanese people love these bags. The fun thing about lucky bags is the entire experience of wondering what’s inside and sometimes we have to compete for the bag when it’s the last one. All these things and high discount rate are attractive enough. Moreover, these days the content of the bag, which is supposed to be a secret, is released beforehand so that the shoppers should not have to find it disappointing.

I think lucky bag is a nice system. Shops can sell out extra stock and shoppers can enjoy them with much discount and fun experience of getting them. Especially if you have some specific brand you love, it’s a great chance to get many items of that brand’s with big discount!

While not many shops have started anything about lucky bags, Shibuya 109 has started lucky bags’ online booking since 24th Nov. (The booking period will have been over by the time this post is released.) As you can see, some brands have already sold out! (Delivery is later than 3rd Jan. 2011)

Takashimaya, Isetan, Mitsukoshi and Tokyu department stores have also started receiving online orders of new year’s lucky bags. (Delivery is after 2nd Jan. 2011)  

Yurakucho Seibu already started selling lucky bags because they are closing down within this month.

How about a lucky bag with Nintendo Wii and 408 game softs (all the softs that Nintendo has released so far) for 1 million yen?

Disclaimer: photo credit

It’s said lucky bags sold in Osaka have a lot more items inside a bag than the one in Tokyo. Now most of shopping malls are obsessed with Christmas and no room to think of New Year yet, but once Christmas is over, they will announce their lucky bags for 2011 as well as the end-of-year sales and new-year-sales info. Yes, the bargain season for autumn and winter clothes is coming. Before March is coming, they will have sold off winter clothes and goods and prepare for spring. It’s nice to have 4 seasons. 🙂

What do you think of Fukubukuro, or lucky grab bags? Have you got it? Do you like it or not? Let me hear your thoughts! 😀