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Sanrio Character Ranking 2011

18 Jun

The other day, I happened to find this cute ad in a train station.

When I googled, I found the Sanrio Character Ranking for 2011.
I didn’t know they had this event every year (it looks like so).

BTW, you can also vote for your favorite character by hitting the white button under each character, or by Japanese cell phones (by reading the code provided) if you are in Japan, or you can simply tweet it. In this page, you can play with game, movie or fortune telling and you can also download kawaii computer wallpaper or calendar for free from the 2nd column of that page.

I clearly can recognize some characters I loved while I was a kid! I see how Sanrio characters made my life cheerful. It was always fun for me to go to a Sanrio store and buy a notebook or a pen that I used at school.

I liked these characters.
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Seijo Ishii

16 May

Quality food and imported food
Seijo Ishii

When we want to buy some imported ingredients in Japan, Seijo Ishii or KALDI are the major stores we can often check out at most of the locations in Tokyo. (COSTCO has only 1 warehouse in Tokyo, and of course outside the central area. Sorry my posts are basically based on the information around Tokyo, so I don’t know much about west Japan or other parts of Japan.)

Seijo Ishii’s online store is here.

KALDI also has its online shop.

When you see how the familiar foods or beverages from your country are priced in Japan, you maybe surprised how expensive they are. ^ ^;
Below picture shows Marco Polo, The Mariage Tea and Seijo Ishii original jam.

Some chips.

I like these cookies from La Mere Poulard…I thought they are from France. ^ ^

Chocolates âĪ



I don’t drink beers often, as I prefer wines. But I do remember those beers from Belgium from my last visit there! But I don’t remember how much it was in Belgium. ^ ^;

Seijo Ishii has its original sweets, breads, coffees, dressings and so on.

Basically Seijo Ishii is a quality food market. But you can still find budget priced items from time to time. You can check out the local flyers online at Town Market. If you are planning to move to Japan, you will know what kind of ingredients from home can be purchased in Japan at a grocery store like Seijo Ishii. 😉

What kind of food do you think you would miss most when you are out of your country?

p.s. I didn’t categorize this post as kawaii shop because it doesn’t really fit into kawaii. ^ ^;

Christmas illuminations final post

26 Dec

Hope you had a peaceful and happy Christmas holiday. 🙂
(In Japan, Christmas is not even a holiday, unfortunately. But lucky enough, it happened to be weekend this year. ^^ )
Since I started this series of Christmas illuminations/decorations posts, I was able to share with you many beautiful pictures that were shared by some readers of Tokyo Kawaii, etc. I really appreciate those who kindly took time to participate in this small project. 😀

Before I closed the project on the 25th Dec. I received one more entry from Cindy.
Let me share Cindy’s picture and some of mine I took from Shinjuku the other day and say this event is over.

Cindy lives in the bay area, California, U.S.A.

This one is the most beautiful and elaborate decoration from all I’ve had seen 🙂

Thank you Cindy! How beautiful the house is! She took this picture from inside a car, according to her.

Now my final pictures. It’s Shinjuku Mylord shopping center.

Well, actually it’s outside the shopping center.

The picture was not enough, I also took a short video there.

Also a simple but cute Christmas decorations I found at a hotel lobby.

Which Christmas illuminations/decorations did you like most? Haha, don’t worry this is not a competition or a contest. ^__^ For me it’s hard to pick out the best one because each picture was fascinating…I hope you enjoyed this small project as much as I did! 🙂

Tokyo Kawaii, etc. will continue to update new posts during the holiday.
Happy holidays!! 😀

Christmas illuminations at Sendai

25 Dec

Shanjae from Singapore who is currently working in Yamagata (Japan) kindly shared with us some beautiful Christmas illuminations photos. 😀
She often travels to Sendai for shopping on weekends and here are some pictures from her recent trip!

It’s Shanjae‘s post from Sendai (Japan)
Location: Sendai, Japan
Follow Shanjae on her blog if you like the post. (She will soon add some more nice photos in her own blog.)

First of all, here’s a picture from Sendai’s Mitsui Outlet Park

Next, this is along Ichibancho Shotengai (äļ€į•ŠčĄ—å•†åš—čĄ—)

And of course, the highlight in Sendai right now has to be this event called “Sendai Pageant of Starlight”!

Basically, all the trees along Jozenjidori (åŪšįĶ…åŊšé€š) are illuminated with LED lights.

Looks so romantic!

What a pleasure it must be to be driving along this road!

There’s even a friendly Santa Claus driving around waving to people in his flashy car!

Finally, this is Kododaikoen (å‹ūå―“å°å…Žåœ’), where there are various events and many roadside stalls.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. I plan to put more details and photos on my personal blog soon so do check it out if you are interested!

Wow~, thank you so much Shanjae! They are very beautiful and I’m happy to be able to share all these wonderful pictures with the rest of the TKE readers!! I’ve never been to Sendai myself, but I definitely want to be there in this time of the year. The place is just so romantic and I love it!!

It was so nice to have been able to see Christmas illuminations from several different places on the globe. In case I receive more Christmas illuminations photos from our readers by 25th Dec., I’ll continue to post later than the Christmas day. Unless otherwise, this will be the final Christmas illuminations post from TKE readers. Thank you for participating in this small project. 🙂

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year~~!! 😀 😀 😀

Christmas illuminations at Miyakonojo, Miyazaki

24 Dec

I’m pleased to be able to share with you another entry of Christmas illuminations photo project.
The entry is by Lisa.

It’s Lisa‘s post from Miyazaki
Location: Miyakonojo, Miyazaki (Japan)
Follow Lisa on twitter if you like the post.

Lisa is currently living and working in Miyazaki prefecture, Kyushu region, Japan. She kindly sent me the beautiful pictures of Christmas illuminations from there so we can all share these. 🙂

The Wellness Plaza is a place where events are often held in Miyakonojo.

There’s also a study room you can access for free until 10pm (I used it for my Japanese exam prep. ^^) They also have a small cafe and sell handmade crafts by local designers.

The photos are just of the outside (front and side)…

because there really aren’t any lights inside the building. There were a couple of small trees, but not so interesting.

Many thanks to Lisa! They are so beautiful. I think it’s enough, they have such beautiful illuminations outside, let’s say it’s OK even if their inside is not so interesting. ^ ^; I wish all of you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year~~. 😀

Christmas illuminations from Singapore

22 Dec

Here’s another post from Singapore! Remember Pei’s Orchard Rd? Now Chiohui shares Christmas illuminations/decorations from other places in Singapore! 😀

It’s Chiohui’s post from Singapore.
Location: Several different places in Singapore
Follow Chiohui on facebook if you like the post.

1st pic was…

at Raffles City, while waiting for the traffic light. You can even go into the tree and there are a few picture showing the different varieties of that Xmas tree over many years (the interior was quite dark, so i couldn’t take a proper pic, sorry)

2nd pic was…

at CitiLink (a passage link that link from City Hall Mrt station towards Marina Sq/ Suntec City)

3rd pic was…

inside Marina Sq shopping center. i find this really pretty and interesting =)

Wow, they look so beautiful. Especially the first one, I want to go inside the tree~. Thank you so much for sharing these, Chiohui!!

How are the Christmas illuminations or decorations in your area? Your post will be shared like this if you take some nice pictures and send them to Kirin. Please read this post for the details in case you are interested. 🙂

Christmas illuminations at Saitama Shintoshin

20 Dec

Wow~ another Christmas photos from our reader~! This post is from Caroline~. 🙂

It’s Caroline‘s post from Saitama (Japan)
Location: Saitama Shintoshin
Follow Caroline’s blog or her on twitter if you like the post.

All of these photos were taken outside of Saitama-Shintoshin station. The area is very clean and new, and the decorations are lovely.

So far they’re the best illuminations that I’ve seen in Saitama (and they’re actually better than the ones that I saw in Omiya), and they aren’t too far from where I live! I know that a lot of people go to Tokyo to see Illuminations, but I’d like to let people know that Saitama has some beautiful displays as well 🙂

Thank you Caroline for such kawaii pictures from Saitama! Saitama is a prefecture next to Tokyo and it’s pretty close to northern part of Tokyo such as Nippori or Ueno. Saitama Shintoshin station is rather new. My high school was near that area but at that time the station was not built yet. ^ ^; Since I moved to where I live now, I seldom go back to Saitama across Tokyo. The other day my Singaporean friends who I met in Saitama also mentioned the Christmas illuminations at Saitama Shitoshin were nice. I don’t have time to visit there, so I’m glad I can see how the place looks like from your pictures, Caroline! 🙂

Dec. 25th will be coming soon, but we will accept entries by that day. It’s a great chance to let yourself know the rest of the readers of this blog! Hurry up~!!