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Diet Coke in the Japanese version

3 Jun

I noticed I missed something interesting has become very popular while I was out of Japan. It’s sort of a diet coke in the Japanese version. 😀
KIRIN Beverage, one of the major beverage companies in Japan, has released “Mets COLA” with Tokuho mark. This means this COLA is approved by the Japanese government officially for its effect that is good for health.

It’s interesting the product is promoted by the famous anime “Ashita no Joe” in its TV commercial.

So how is it good for health?
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12 taboo hand signs that are not taboo in Japan

26 May

I found this interesting T-shirt that shows 10 taboo hand signs that we, the Japanese may like to use without knowing they are taboo in some countries. Of course, Tripadvisor strongly recommends that we should not wear it outside Japan. lol ***information source: Tripadvisor

Let’s see one by one… ^ ^;;
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Kawaii from Australia

23 May

I’d like to share with you kawaii things and stores I found in Australia. 🙂
This is a set of tea towel that I found in K-mart. These towels are so kawaii to me!! I didn’t expect I can find such kawaii towels in a discount store like K-mart.

Speaking of K-mart, and some supermarkets in Australia, I found it’s really cool that they have self check-out service! Unfortunately in Japan, we don’t have such system. I’ve been wondering for many years why we can’t check-out without a person at a cashier. Japan is so advanced in terms of technical devices, then why not? Australia already has this system. We don’t even have an express lane for the people who only want to pay for a few items at a cashier, which is also very inconvenient. 😦 It seems that Japanese supermarkets and discount stores should learn more from those overseas…

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Ochazuke recipe book

14 Feb

Nagatanien is a Japanese food company that is well known as a producer of Ochazuke. It’s the 60th year since Ochazuke came onto the market, according to them. Their instant Ochazuke is so common among Japanese people. I liked it a lot when I was little and even when I was travelling around Australia, I sometimes cooked Ochazuke pasta (spaghetti mixed with Ochazuke and butter) to save money. haha! 🙂

Nowadays I don’t eat it so often but in fact, Ochazuke is handy as a breakfast or as a late-evening snack, or even after drinking alcohol. :p (We normally take rice or noodle after we finish drinking alcohol and eating some snacks.) To make instant Ochazuke, all you need is a steamed rice and green tea or hot water. But you can make it more gorgeous with Dashi soup and some other ingredients such as bannou-negi (it’s a thin green onion), white sesame seeds, and etc. Well, if you add that much, you don’t basically need this instant one, haha! You can make it all by yourself if you don’t mind grilling salmon or sea bream to flake it and put it over the rice with other ingredients before pouring Dashi soup or green tea. 😉

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Do we need so many kitchen tools?

19 Jan

I found an interesting video about cool kitchen tools that was broadcasted by NHK.

The player will show in this paragraph

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There are many interesting cooking tools in Japan. I’m not really interested in them however, because my kitchen is small and I know I’ll eventually suffer from finding a small space to store them. I’d try to make use of limited tools as often as possible instead of enjoying a collection of various tools…well I totally feel familiar with the Ugandan woman’s comment at 10:15. ^ ^;;
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Grandma's Kimono collection

6 Dec

I’m back from Osaka. 🙂
Here are part of my grandmother’s kimono collection. She has dozens of nice kimonos!

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Kayo Satoh

24 Nov

Here’s Apple’s post. 🙂

Kayo Satoh may well be every guy’s dream girl!
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