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Happy New Year 2013!!

5 Jan

Happy New Year!

I can’t believe today has come without having updated any posts on TKE! I’ve been on holiday since 22nd of December…so that means I’ve been free for nearly half a month! I was planning to do this and that but why anything has not done yet at this moment???? @____@

I know why, because I have been busy with social life; meeting up with friends, attending a seminar, visiting my grandmother in Osaka (haven’t posted about it either!) drinking, inviting friends, shopping, negotiating with my bank in the U.S (my bank account was regarded as unclaimed property due to its inactive state), replying to emails and greeting cards and etc. Now I have only today and tomorrow before I restart working on Monday. BTW, I will go drinking with my friends tonight…-___- oops…

midori sushi

This is a sushi plate I had at Midori sushi restaurant. I’ve never seen the restaurant without people waiting in a long line. It’s that popular in Tokyo. It was raining and very cold when I visited there with my father in December. While we were waiting outside of the restaurant (we went the one in Ginza) one of the waiters kindly handed each of us a disposable kairo to warm up. How nice!! 😀

The sushi plate was priced 2600 or so and it was very good! I think the price was reasonable considering the quality, and I am convinced that’s why people line up! 😀

I’ve got to go….
I have no idea if I can really continue on blogging in 2013. 😦
But even if I have to stop it, you can feel free to email me!

I wish you all the best for 2013!!! ^__^


Pi-chan sleeping like a human :)

13 Nov

Of course, she didn’t go to sleep like this, my hubby did that. *giggle*
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Pi-chan vs travelling

18 Apr

Pi-chan got a haircut lately. 🙂
As always, some people will think it’s not appropriate for Shih Tzu dogs to wear such a short hair, but this makes her easy to walk in the sun during spring and summer season. Well, today’s post is not just that. I’m feeling so sad because I’m leaving for Australia tomorrow. I’m spending the next 40 days in Australia half for work, half for fun…but being separated from Pi-chan makes me so sad.

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My daily life around Pi-chan

23 Mar

I love my dog like my own child or my best friend.
You may not believe it but I wish to spend my free time with Pi-chan as much as I can. I never thought I would love my dog this much…maybe too much. ^ ^;;

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Greetings from Pi-chan

26 Jan

Every morning Pi-chan wants this. My husband can’t just say no to it…
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Kawaii dog apparel online shop (product review)

8 Nov


“Idog” is a kawaii dog clothing online shop in Japan. The good news today is they opened an online shop dedicated to international shoppers in English!
Here’s the website. Check it out! => idog

I’ve declined proposals to do a product review for a specific item so many times so far, but I accepted this one for the first time because I’m in love with their products! I was allowed to choose a set of harness and leash and 1 piece of clothing for this article. I actually spent so much time to choose them because they carry so many kawaii clothing. ^ ^;;

I finally settled at this set of harness and leash and a raincoat for Pi-chan.

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Some cute Pi-chan pictures

12 Oct

I noticed I have not posted about Pi-chan for a long time.
So some of you might have wondered how she’s been doing. She’s been doing fine, and I have no idea how many times in a day that I feel happy to see or touch her. I never expected that I love my own dog so much, but I even feel like staying with her as much time as possible rather than seeing someone outside. Sometimes I start to miss her when I get bored at a gathering and I return home earlier than I’m supposed to. I think she has some kind of special power that makes me feel so good and healed. I feel so great when I am at home with her, even if I don’t have a chance to speak to anyone for hours.

Let me also share with you some pictures I took during the summer.
In this picturem Pi-chan looks girly with those little ribbons. She’s just come back from her grooming salon. ^ ^

I like this picture, because she looks very similar to how she really looks in real life. ^ ^

Till next time!