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The Cutest Dogs in the World

28 Dec

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I’m sure you know Boo.

He is tagged as ‘world’s cutest dog’.

He looked like this through ‘accident’. His long hair was such a mess that it was impossible to comb. The groomer said the only way is to cut his hair short. At first, Boo’s owner was upset when he heard that, but when Boo was done with his haircut, he looked really cute!

For some reason, I keep thinking Boo is Japanese. ^^”

This guy is famous! He even has his own photobook!

But Boo comes from America!!

I was surprised because I was quite sure this guy was from Japan…then I found this:


Ok, this cutie is definitely from Japan because he “wan!”s instead of “woof!”s.

Meet Shunsuke, the cutest dog in Japan!

Both dogs are Pomeranian and they look like baby cubs to me! I’ve seen Ena chan’s Pomeranian before! She has a black Pomeranian and he is awfully cute as well.

For more doggie cuteness, you can ‘like’ these guys on their Facebook page!



Which dog do you think is cuter? ^^ They sure do look like stuffed toys!

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Kirin’s opinion:
Kawaii~~~~~<3 Thank you Apple for sharing this. ๐Ÿ˜€ I saw Shunsuke on a dog magazine cover and I've also noticed this 'hair style' for Pomeranian has become popular lately. โค โค โค I liked the Shunsuke's picture with the red ribbon. (But I'm still a doting mother to my own dog Pi-chan. lol)


My Kawaii Entry 19

17 Jun

Do you remember My Kawaii project? It was nice that one of TKE readers kindly submitted me an entry, while I almost forgot that I shared many My Kawaii posts from TKE readers last year. ^ ^; If you are new to TKE, it’s a good chance to share your kawaii with other readers. ๐Ÿ˜€
entry #21

I’m Bethany from Singapore, and I fell in love with all things cute and Japanese many years ago. The journey of my love for Japanese and kawaii things has been long and interesting, and has come to a great stage now (which I will reveal later)!

One of my hobbies is to take purikura~ This is my favourite kawaii pastime with my best friend. Decorating purikura can be so stressful sometimes when we are rushing against the time limit… ๏ผ(ยดะ”๏ฝ€๏ผ›)

Another kawaii I love to indulge in is nails! There is never a time when my nails are bare, and I frequently go to the salon to get gel nails done in cute designs. (*ใ‚œโ–ฝใ‚œใƒŽใƒŽใ‚›โ˜†

My favourite jewelry/accessory brand is Q-pot. I got the necklace above for my 16th birthday in Tokyo, and my parents bought the cheese earrings for me when they went to Osaka. The koala macaron strap is not from Q-pot, but fits with the food theme, so I put it in the photo too~ (*^โ–ฝ^*) I got it from a gachapon machine!
Every year when docomo releases the Q-pot phone, I fall in love with it, but it’s only available and usable in Japan, not to mention limited edition and expensive… ;_;

My bag is the Samantha Thavasa Aimi series Winter edition, and my wallet is from Samantha Thavasa too! This bag was a present from my parents for doing well in my graduation exams (‘A’-levels and SATs), so it means a lot to me. It’s also very cute and gets many stares on the streets, haha~

My favourite snack is Jagabee! Actually, I prefer the Jaga Pokkuru version, but it’s only available in Japan, so I can’t find it here. Nonetheless, Jagabee is close enough and I’m addicted to it~

Finally, one of my favourite kawaii characters is Kapibara-san! My friend won the Onsen Kapibara-san from a UFO catcher machine for me~ The biggest Kapibara-san actually belongs to my mom- my dad bought it for her from KIDDYLAND Harajuku.

I graduated from High School at the end of last year, and applied for University this year. Unlike my peers and normal people in general, I only applied to one university and didn’t even have a backup second choice. Fortunately, I made it against all odds, and I will be moving to Tokyo this August to attend the prestigious International Christian University for 4 years!!! My love for Japan and kawaii things will now increase exponentially as I immerse myself in all things Japanese for 4 years, and I could not be any more excited~! I’m counting down the days and hours, and have already begun packing, haha!! I love Tokyo so much, and haven’t been there in over 2 years due to hectic school activities and studies, so my move to Tokyo will be the first time I’ll be there since 2009. I miss Tokyo so much- from the culture to the food to the shopping to the kawaii and fashionable everything! I’ve always blogged about fashion and lifestyle, but it really can’t compare to that in Japan, because Japan truly is the capital of kawaii. (โ‰งโ–ฝโ‰ฆ) As such, in my 2.5 years not being able to go to Tokyo, I’ve been
following Japan-based blogs such as TKE to find out everything recent going on and now, I will finally be able to be on the other side blogging about Tokyo trends and happenings~!
Thank you Bethany, your entry reminded me of this project that I didn’t really close entries. (TKE is open for more entries!) ๐Ÿ˜€
For TKE readers, Bethany has her own blog and follow her on Twitter if you liked this entry.

Feel free to submit your My Kawaii entry just like Bethany (It’s OK to submit 2nd entry or 3rd entry if the content is not the same as 1st entry). But please read this page for the guidelines before you actually do. (Picture size can be similar to 480×360, I don’t mind if it’s not exactly the same, just similar size is OK!) To submit your entry, you can simply email me from the contact page. Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€

Kawaii from Australia

23 May

I’d like to share with you kawaii things and stores I found in Australia. ๐Ÿ™‚
This is a set of tea towel that I found in K-mart. These towels are so kawaii to me!! I didn’t expect I can find such kawaii towels in a discount store like K-mart.

Speaking of K-mart, and some supermarkets in Australia, I found it’s really cool that they have self check-out service! Unfortunately in Japan, we don’t have such system. I’ve been wondering for many years why we can’t check-out without a person at a cashier. Japan is so advanced in terms of technical devices, then why not? Australia already has this system. We don’t even have an express lane for the people who only want to pay for a few items at a cashier, which is also very inconvenient. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ It seems that Japanese supermarkets and discount stores should learn more from those overseas…

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Sweet Q-pot smartphone

8 Feb

I’ve introduced Docomo’s cute cellphones in 2009 and 2010, but this time they made it with smartphone! I have no idea why such kawaii phones don’t come out of other cellphone carriers including mine. (*_*)

It’s Docomo’s Q-pot Android Phone SH-04D, manufactured by Sharp.
(Disclaimer: The photos are quoted from Docomo‘s official website.)

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mt masking tapes

30 Oct

Do you know mt masking tape? It’s a kawaii masking tape brand by the company named “Kamoi” and is from Okayama, Japan.

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Some kawaii stuff from my daily life

22 Jul

It’s just a short post that simply shares some kawaii food and etc. I can find from my daily life in Tokyo.

Kawaii pastries
Kawaii pastries like these are not at every bakery. I think I found them at some Depachika in Tokyo…

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My Kawaii Entry 18

6 Jul

Yay! Another My Kawaii post from a TKE reader! So today’s entry is…

entry #20

My name is Vermillion and I’ve always loved to collect cute things since I was younger, especially miniature items.

This is a small part of my makeup and fashion magazine collection. I first got interested in Japanese fashion when I was around 14 or 15. I was at a hair salon and they had a copies of Cawaii! (now defunct) and Popteen and I liked the hairstyles they showed. Ever since then I’ve enjoyed flicking through similar magazines and my interest has expanded into their fashion and makeup ^^ I guess if you can’t tell, I like Tsubasa’s products very much. I like her look and the packaging is very cute!

I also love cute stationery! When I was around 8 I started to collect stickers and ever since then I have always been buying cute stationery whenever I can haha. I used to collect miniature erasers and memopads but since I started university I prefer to buy folders. I think it’s a nice way to brighten up my study area. I think cute and practical is the way to go! :^)

As I said before I love to collect miniature items. I especially love Konapun since it’s a fun toy which can make mini realistic dishes ๐Ÿ˜€ Konapun is powder which you add with water and by mimicking what one would usually do when they cook food, you can make a fake meal or dessert! It’s really fun to make though it is becoming more expensive and harder to find online since I think Bandai is ceasing production >_< I've always had a fascination with fake food which is why this is like the perfect toy XD

Along with collecting miniature items, I like cute figurines, soft toys and dolls ^^ I know some people find dolls creepy but I find them fun to dress and photograph. My favourite company is BlueFairy . I think their dolls give off a cute and innocent vibe which I think is endearing.

So that’s my brief introduction to my collection. I hope it was interesting to read about! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you Vermillion for participating in the My Kawaii Project. ๐Ÿ˜€ The drink CALPICO is originally named as CALPIS in Japan (it’s a Japan born beverage) but you know, in English it sounds like….^ ^;;*you know!* That’s why its name is changed as CALPICO overseas. I’m surprised to see you have so many Japanese stuff there! Even Konapun…and all those cosmetics that are familiar here…^ ^

Follow her blog “March Rabbits” or twitter if you like this post! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyone is interested in writing a My Kawaii post just like she did? It’s a good chance to share your kawaii world to the rest of TKE readers around the globe!