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Tiger in Osaka

19 Jan

Gosh! I needed so much time until I finally update this post since I came back from Osaka…late December! x__x

There’s a famous zakka shop (zakka means daily goods in Japanese) in Shinsaibashi, Osaka. That’s Tiger Copenhagen! This is the only store we have in Japan. Yes, the very first store in Japan isn’t located in Tokyo, but in Osaka! The store is so famous for its popularity, because people make a long long line to come into the store for shopping. Well that was the news I heard when the store opened and I didn’t think the line is still long even today!!
tiger Osaka3

I was accompanied by my Osakan friend who hasn’t felt like checking this store out until that day with me because of too many people’s waiting all the time.
tiger Osaka4

When we got there, we were shocked to see many people making a line, waiting to get into the store. A security guard told us, “Here’s the end of the line. I think you’d wait for 40 minutes or so.” I’d give up waiting if I were alone but having my long-time-no-see friend with me, I thought I could chat with her while we were waiting.

As it turned out, however, 40 minutes was not necessary. The line moved so quickly and I guess we only waited for 10 or 15 minutes. So this is a picture I took from inside the store. Still many people waiting, huh?
tiger Osaka1
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Kawaii dog apparel online shop (product review)

8 Nov


“Idog” is a kawaii dog clothing online shop in Japan. The good news today is they opened an online shop dedicated to international shoppers in English!
Here’s the website. Check it out! => idog

I’ve declined proposals to do a product review for a specific item so many times so far, but I accepted this one for the first time because I’m in love with their products! I was allowed to choose a set of harness and leash and 1 piece of clothing for this article. I actually spent so much time to choose them because they carry so many kawaii clothing. ^ ^;;

I finally settled at this set of harness and leash and a raincoat for Pi-chan.

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Let's go and meet Hello Kitty and her friends! :)

21 Dec

Apple shares her experience of visiting Sanrio Puroland. Have you been there?

===Apple’s post starts from here===

I notice that there are many Hello Kitty fans here in TokyoKawaiiEtc. So I thought of sharing this place with you.

Well, Hello Kitty fans probably know about this place already.


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I just checked out Hello Kitty's Kawaii Paradise!!

8 Nov

I had a chance to go to Odaiba the other day. The game center on the ground floor of Venus Fort was closed down and was replaced by Hello Kitty’s Kawaii Paradise, which opened on Friday Oct. 22, 2010. I found the most of the area on the floor was renovated with new shops, while I could find the familiar dog goods stores remaining. 🙂

I went out on weekday evening, but I was kind of surprised to see how small people were there, nevertheless it only opened about 2 weeks ago. Well, I think it’s because of the place. Odaiba is a bit away of central Tokyo. It’s possible that not many people would feel like visiting such a place after work or school. :p

I’ve also updated the video on Youtube.

But I’ll explain one by one with pictures I took from there.
At the entrance, there was a vending car that was selling Hello Kitty Yaki, or just like Taiyaki, from several options of different flavors.

This is a huge Kitty statue located at the center that represents this amusement facility. 🙂 Kitty looks like a goddess or something!?

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Deco clothing

24 Jun

Putting a little deco sticker on clothes is easy and it’s popular in Japan now. Unlike decoden or sweets deco crafting, it doesn’t require high skills. I’d like to share my first deco clothing experience video that I took while I was playing with it the other day.

There are basically 2 ways of deco clothing.
1) Use iron-on type of deco sheet just like above.
2) Use glue for clothing and adhere rhinestones one by one.
As I wanted to experience both, I bought both of above. I will see if the sticker is durable against wash and then I will add pink small rhinestones one by one inside the star later.

It just made me worry because the rhinestones on the edge were not sticky very well. 😦 I think I was spending a lot more time than 20-30 seconds. (I also cut off some parts of the video to be edited no longer than 10 minutes.) I suspect it was because of the thickness of my pants.

But I’m relieved I’m finished finally with the bling-bling star deco on the back pocket of the pants! 🙂

My experience of making decoden, or decoration over cell phone!

21 Jun

Basically I’m not good at crafting but since my first experience of making DECOTTI, I kinda find it fun to craft something by myself. Yet, I cannot make something from scratch. I have to rely on kits or easy tool to make something cute by myself. 😛

So what’s new this time? It’s my first experience of decoden! As I filmed myself making decoden, you’ll see this is not mori style as well-known as what decoden is like. I use my cell phone as a camera, too, and so too much overloaded decorations just unable it to be used as a camera. That’s why I chose this water-proof sticker type of decoration with Japanese Makie art pattern, combination of rhinestones so that my decoden won’t look too simple.

Please watch the video, see how I made it, and let me know what you think. 🙂

I’m quite satisfied with the outcome, nevertheless I’m kinda clumsy at things like this requring skills to pick up small pieces… Also, as a result, simple deco was OK to me. I really liked it. 🙂

I have more photos available at my flikr page.

Have you ever tried decoden yet? If yes, tell me your experience and share it with others who like kawaii, cute stuff here!

This is my DECOTTI experience!

25 May

Finally I filmed myself making DECOTTI. It’s been a long long time until finally I reached this point since I wrote the article about DECOTTI last time. But I’m so glad I can finally share my experience of making DECOTTI like this! The video runs long so I cut & edited it at several points. :p

To be honest, I’m not dexterous and so I cannot knit, sew, craft small things very well. So I was a little anxious if I might end up with ugly macaroons when I started this. The filler smelled weird and the tweezers were not easy to use to me, but I am quite satisfied with what I’ve made. 🙂

I received from some people who are interested in purchasing DECOTTI, so I actually tried to deal with DECOTTI at my ebay account. (I had no experience at ebay, so I had to start from opening my account.) But the thing is, I found out ebay was not my thing. I don’t want to get myself involved in price competition under several regulations set by ebay. But in case anyone who reads this post might want one for oneself, please contact me from the contact form so that I will personally arrange the chance for you to deal with me, just like among friends. I don’t have intention to run my online shop or auction, so if you look for cheaper one, I think you should try somewhere else. But I could enclose English translated cautions along with the item from my courtesy because there were some written in Japanese on the package, and on the manual. 😉

Decotti Macaroon kit with my English translation of cautions is available from here!
Decotti Tart kit with my English translation of cautions is available from here!

Over a couple of days’ drying, my DECOTTI macaroons are completed with a keychain and a strap! They look so cute! Kawaii!!

decotti macaroon1
Hope you enjoyed the post, and feel free to contact me if you want DECOTTI of your own. Also, I’d be happy to hear what you think about this products. 🙂