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Weekday Lunch Pictures 2

24 Jun

Continuing from the last food post, I’ll share with you variety of lunch sample pictures here. The only good thing about eating out around my work is to be able to try various kind of foods and restaurants, although lunch time is limited to 60 minutes. πŸ˜€

lunch sample 6: Udon from a food court
Cold Udon with grated Japanese radish and 2 small pieces of fried chicken in Japanese style…570yen

I like to eat cold Udon or Soba during summer. But this Udon was too cold for me to taste it well. 😦 The fried chicken in Japanese style was not so good either.

lunch sample 7: Gonbei onigiri (rice ball)
Chicken mayo onigiri + green perilla and chirimenjako (tiny dried young sardines) onigiri + miso soup…490yen

I like to eat some rice balls and miso soup for a light lunch. It’s not too heavy and I believe it won’t make me feel sleepy at work. πŸ™‚

lunch sample 8: Antendo breads
Calzone with butter chicken curry sauce inside, pancake bread, and cafe latte…760yen

The calzone bread had a very small filling of curry inside. There was a lot of room inside that was only an air. ^ ^;; I still felt like eating more after finishing all. I may try other kind of breads next time.

lunch sample 9:γ€€Omurice from a food court
Omurice and iced coffee…690yen

I could put some different kind of vegetables inside the ketchup rice, if I were to cook it by myself at home. After I ate it, I thought I had to eat a lot of vegetables at dinner. Most of the meals taken outside do not have enough vegetables. The rice was seasoned too salty to me. 😦

lunch sample 10: bento from eashion and etc.
Bento (Fried sliced scad seasoned with sweet/sour sauce and etc.)…600yen

This was good! I found some sliced vegetables underneath of the fried fish. The volume was not too small, not too much, and the bento carried so many different dishes inside the box. I’m now preferring bento to meals like lunch sample 6 or 9.

Bento (vegetable bento, no meat or fish inside the box)…500yen

The upper left fried food is not meat but lotus. I’m a person who likes to eat meat, but surprisingly I was quite satisfied with this vege bento! πŸ˜€

You may expect that I make a bento by myself to eat for lunch, but unfortunately I don’t like to. I’d love to eat a bento if my husband prepares for me, though. :p


Weekday Lunch Pictures 1

14 Jun

Lunch time at work is 60 minutes from noon. I’ll share with you my weekday lunch pictures so you can roughly find what kind of meals you can have around 600yen. I could go get a bento to eat at the office, even cheaper than 600yen, but I don’t want to stay in the office. I need fresh air and color to comfort myself. Unfortunately there’s no park around the office where I can eat bento, either. 😦

What’s most important is to return to the office before 1pm. But I also want to look around a book store or some kawaii shops and apparel shops after lunch. Thus, my lunch must be served very promptly. To make the most of this limited time, I should eat alone and hang around alone. I need no company who could waste even 1 minute.

Remember glass of water is free at most of Japanese restaurants. (Refills are also free.) πŸ˜€

lunch sample 1: Doutor Coffee Shop
shrimp/salmon sandwich and ice cafe latte…670yen

This was not enough for my stomach but it was OK because I didn’t want to feel sleepy around 2-3pm.

lunch sample 2: Spaghetti Dona
spaghetti Bolognese, salad, mini dessert and iced coffee…880yen

They said they use fresh pasta, but I didn’t like their pasta so much. The pasta sauce was also not so good. But the price was very reasonable for what I ate, although it was over budget. ^ ^;;

lunch sample 3: Tenya
Tendon, miso soup and hot tea…500yen

Once in a while I feel like eating Tendon. But I believe many young women would hesitate to go to this kind of fast food restaurant that is full of men. As for myself, I don’t mind. ^ ^;; I ordered a very simple Tendon, without Udon or some extra dishes. However, this Tendon set made me so sleepy after I went back to work. I wouldn’t have it again while I’m working in the company office. (x_x)

lunch sample 4: Ootoya
chicken/vegetables in black vinegar (mini bowl)…570yen

I like Ootoya. It’s good most of set menu come with adequate amount of vegetables. In this bowl, there was thinly sliced cabbage underneath of the chicken, green pepper, egg plant, and etc. But the downside of Ootoya is only that it takes some time until the ordered meal is served. I was unable to have enough time to hang around after I finished my meal.

lunch sample 5: Lotteria
tartar chicken burger, french fry and ice cafe latte…590yen

I’d definitely prefer other burger shops but this time I somehow chose to have my lunch at Lotteria. But just 1 time is enough.

I’ll share with you more different lunch sample pictures later! πŸ˜€
What do you eat for lunch usually?

Diet Coke in the Japanese version

3 Jun

I noticed I missed something interesting has become very popular while I was out of Japan. It’s sort of a diet coke in the Japanese version. πŸ˜€
KIRIN Beverage, one of the major beverage companies in Japan, has released “Mets COLA” with Tokuho mark. This means this COLA is approved by the Japanese government officially for its effect that is good for health.

It’s interesting the product is promoted by the famous anime “Ashita no Joe” in its TV commercial.

So how is it good for health?
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Grocery stores in Japan

10 May

Let me remember how groceries were priced in Japan. Now I’m shopping groceries in Australia, I find some things can be even more expensive than purchased in Japan. For example, I felt the salad bag is too expensive here. 1 bag is about 500yen? Well, maybe the bag is 5 times bigger than the equivalent product in Japan. That’s possible…:p

One thing for sure is the prices certainly went up in general, compared with the time I was travelling around this country during 1999-2000. It’s not too much to say that the prices are almost the same or even expensive than those in Japan. Time has changed…

The following pictures were taken randomly in the local supermarkets near my apartment in Japan.

Bagel…1 bagel costs 119yen (tax included). I really hate that bagels are expensive in Japan. I know I can buy them at COSTCO, but my life is not compatible with it. 😦

Natto…1 natto (with 3 packages) costs 88yen. It’s pretty cheap! πŸ™‚

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Weekend Dinner 4 & 5

23 Apr

My husband enjoys cooking so much now. Everything he cooks taste better than what I cook, and these days he cooks every weekend and even some weekdays when he has free time. I feel that I can’t cook any more, when he cooks much better. :p

So this is the dinner I had several days ago.
Weekend Dinner 4

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Skewered Food in Japan

20 Apr

Apple’s food post from Kansai! πŸ™‚

===Apple’s post starts from here===

Of course I was in Kansai, and I ought to write about their specialty food…food like Kushiage!

However, when my friends brought me to an izakaya, what caught my interest more was Yakitori.

There is Yakitori sold in my country (Singapore) too.

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Weekend Dinner 2 & 3

25 Mar

Now my husband enjoys cooking over the weekends. I’ve wanted that for years. This weekend he cooked for both Saturday and Sunday dinner. πŸ™‚

Weekend Dinner 2 (Saturday dinner)

1: Teriyaki chicken
I was so tempted when I saw it that I was going to eat the whole thing but it was a bit too much and so we shared it. Yummy!

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