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Handmade Notebooks

24 Aug

As some of you might have noticed, I created a new page “Gallery” on this blog, in which I can share beautiful art and craftworks created by my Japanese artists or artisans (and hopefully by myself, too in the future!). The main purpose of this page is to give them an opportunity to have their works seen by foreign people as often as possible. I believe this will trigger their motivation to create more kawaii or cool works. 😉

Kawaii Notebooks:

Kawaii Notebook -Matcha-

Kawaii Notebook -Matcha (inside)-

Kawaii Notebook -Botan-

Kawaii Notebook -Botan (inside)-

Kawaii Notebook -Fuji-

Kawaii Notebook -Fuji (inside)-

Kawaii Notebook -Sora-

Kawaii Notebook -Sora (inside)-

Recommended usage:

These are small and handy. Chika likes to bring one of them as an idea book, which I think is nice idea. I’d love to keep one for myself and write down the good phrases I encounter from reading or talking with friends, as well as new ideas for this blog or business! It’s also nice to use it as a diary with little illustration. I personally don’t like lined notebooks. I like free style just like these. It’s also cool to write a story in the book and make my own fictional novel and give it someone as a present<3

About the artist:

Chika has learned oil and acrylic paintings and she also has experience of making glassworks. Nowadays she enjoys drawing works with colored pencils or pastels. She has mastered bookbinding while she likes book, notebook and cloth. "It's my great pleasure to be able to have someone, even if it's only 1 person in the world, who understands my feeling that how much I'm impressed with the beauty of the color or the line of my work." Chika is very happy to have her works treated at Tokyo Kawaii, etc. and I am very happy to be able to share her works with my readers! 🙂 Please feel free to comment or contact me if you are interested in purchasing one of these works.