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Creating a site to preserve the content in TKE blog

1 Jun

I finally succeeded in migrating the content from to with great help from support team. However, as you may have noticed, the links placed in each page (you know the pages such as Kawaii Shop, Learn Japanese, and etc.) jump to the equivalent posts on TKE blog. This means they will be useless once TKE blog is closed down. Thus, I’ve got to do this manually one by one, identifying the name of the post in TKE and this WP blog and replacing them in the HTML…well I’ve started to do that little by little, but I guess it’ll take some time. :p

I’ll do the least that may be required to this website, as the first and foremost the main purpose of this place is preservation of TKE blog. I could make the site look better, you may say that, but that is not so important here any longer. Hope you understand what I mean.

When I complete the manual edit with the links, I will finally go ahead to close down the TKE blog.
I know some of the contents are getting too out of date and not a very good reading any more, but it’s a relief that I can keep what I’d made (and of course Apple too) during 2008-2013 in a similar form to the original, and for free.

I don’t think I will start another blog now. I guess I enjoy the process of input rather than output now, since I’ve output sufficient information via TKE blog. If I get enough input, I may feel like writing another blog in the near future, but I just don’t know that till then.

I have no intention to update this blog here, but this is sort of a test post so that I can see how things work…

Thanks and regards,


Thank You!

14 Feb

Hi everyone reading TKE blog.
As you’ve noticed, I’ve been away from blogging again.
I guess…it’s high time I finally stopped blogging.

When I went on hiatus last time, I noticed I needed a place where I could express my joy of writing, because at that time my job was to translate something technical and inhuman written in English into Japanese…So I returned to TKE. I needed human words and I needed to feel joy from writing. But since I changed jobs, I’ve experienced joy of translation into beautiful easy-to-read Japanese. Now the theme is not something technical but it’s about marketing, sales, management, leadership, investment…business, and I like that. I can learn these themes while translating them.

What happened is that I don’t feel like doing extra PC work after I come back from work. Translation work requires PC work all day long and all I want to do at home is stay away from computer as much as possible. Yet, I have many emails to reply to everyday. OK, that’s fine. But as to blogging…I think it’s finally incompatible.

I’ve never imagined the day will come like this when I say I will quit TKE forever. This is not a free blog. When I don’t update it frequently, it doesn’t earn from advertisement and thus it can’t afford hosting eventually. It’s not happening now, but I can easily imagine that. Sadly I don’t feel sad so much, which is because my interests are not for TKE any longer. I miss those days when I was a lot more enthusiastic about running TKE. But things change. My job or life changes as well. So I’d rather take it as a natural change.

The asset I made through TKE is definitely FRIENDS!
I wanted to write a post about visiting them on TKE but without waiting for such days, TKE may be closed down.
Too much PC work makes me tired. From now on, I’d continue email correspondences with some friends rather than exchanging comments with many readers.

I have no other choice. I want to focus on my translation work. I totally enjoy the process of creating and writing Japanese from what I get in English. I never experienced this before. Writing has always given a special experience to me since I was a kid. Now I feel something similar from translation when the script is something spoken by human not like a technical manual or something.

It doesn’t mean I close down TKE next morning or within this month. But in a few months, it’s possible.
(When TKE is closed, TKE email address is also disabled. And I have already closed my facebook and twitter accounts too. I may continue Youtube only but I’m not sure that either.)

Finally, thank you for reading TKE and allowing me to experience it.
It was a great experience! 😀
Keep in touch via email if you stay as my friend.


TKE on hiatus…was it a bad idea?

28 Oct

Hey TKE readers! 😀
I don’t know if you are still following this blog since last post that notified you all the hiatus of blogging…:p
Anyway, as you may imagine, many TKE readers have contacted me via comment or email that it’s just so sad to see how TKE is going hiatus. At first I didn’t feel it was so sad, I was rather tired. So I had a kind of thought that I did all I wanted and it’s high time I forgot about outputting and simply relax myself.

Spending days without updating TKE was easy. I didn’t have to spare extra time and effort to write a new post, reply to emails and comments, and above all, pay attention to the topics for TKE everyday. However, at the same time, I was losing the opportunity to express my thoughts and feelings by sharing them with you on TKE. Writing has always been the best method for me to express myself. Even if the language is in English, and not in Japanese, I guess I still enjoyed it a lot.

Now I’m questioning myself: Is it really OK that I do without writing? Writing has always been one of the most exciting activities to me. Honestly speaking, I’ve missed writing experience since hiatus of TKE. I work as a translator and interpreter at work, and that was another factor that made me miss writing my own thought desperately. When it comes to translation, translating a technical bug report such as “press X button to display XXX” is so unhuman that I miss expressing human words and emotions. lol

I’m thinking and wondering between 2 options:

option 1) To come back to TKE with new type of posts that will be likely to be “product (book) review” and “my day” or “my thought” instead of the topics such as Learn Japanese, Japanese Foods or Kawaii Shop or whatever you see under the title banner.

option 2) To start up a new blog with the topics mentioned above.

In either way, my posts will be more like a personal diary or a record of book review or products review, although in the near future it may be mixed up with other tastes of posts as time passes.

I hope TKE readers are still available today. lol
BTW, sorry if you have not received my replies in email. I’ll never ignore them, but just needing time to get back to you. 😉


TKE on hiatus

15 Sep

I’m sorry that I have to announce this finally but TKE goes on hiatus for several reasons.

1: Simply that I don’t have much free time to update it. I’d rather use that time for something different.
2: My interests have been changing from something kawaii to quite different things and themes.
3: I’ve been tired of SNS and outputting information. I may close down my facebook/twitter accounts in the near future so I keep in touch with those who contact me via email only.
4: I want to experience something different from what I’ve experienced in the past 4 years from blogging. I think it’s high time that I could allow new experiences into my life.

It was an interesting experience for me to get connected with the readers and made some good friends outside Japan.

Thank you for reading TKE blog. Without you, I was unable to experience what it’s like to blog and interact with people around the globe online, as well as to work with some international business owners and professional people.

It can be a short break or a long break or it’s possible this is going to be the very last post of TKE. I appreciate many offers of contributed posts to TKE, but without my writing a post at all and having guest post one after another is not a good idea after all. So I’d have to decline such offers unless I’m willing to produce more posts by myself.

It’s not the end of the world. I’m here in Japan and my contact remains the same for a while. Again, I personally don’t like SNS (such as Facebook or Twitter, but as to Youtube I like it 🙂 ) but I love email. I have ignored all the APPs and invitations on FB, no matter what. But I do my best to reply all the emails (except for sales pitch and spam or scam) that are addressed to me. Whether you agree or disagree it, that’s how I am. :p

It’s when I leave Japan that I may close down TKE. I’m eager to expand my possibilities outside Japan!!!! (Let me know if someone you know in your country is looking for a Japanese worker like me~~ lol)

Looking forward to growing friendship with some of you who truly accept the way I am as it is. 🙂


I'm still travelling around Okayama and Hiroshima

28 Jul

Hi TKE readers,

I’m writing this post from a hotel in Hiroshima before going to bed. ^ ^;;
I was going to blog while travelling because I thought that would be easier than doing it all at once after going back home…but I was wrong.

Each day I’m so exhausted after walking around entire day in the sun. If you’ve ever been to Japan during summer you know how hot and especially humid it is. It’s quite energy consuming and uncomfortable. My black T-shirt has white spots on the back, which means sweat vapored and salt or waste is left…that sounds smelly and ugly…(lol) and I can’t live without an ointment to put on heat rash that is created each day.

It’s just that I feel as if I were walking in a sauna outside everyday.
However it’s still better than raining. ^ ^;;
I hope to blog some interesting reports on my trip to Okayama and Hiroshima soon after settling down at home.

Talk to you later,

Sunrise seen from Gold Coast, Australia

13 May

This is the sunrise I can see from the house I was staying at. You can see many buildings, that’s Surfers Paradise. It was taken around 6:30 or slightly before that in the morning. It’s so nice to start up a day with sunrise like this!

My work ended earlier than expected, and so I’m returning to Japan earlier than planned. I have a few days off to explore Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach before I go back to Japan. It’ll be when I settle down in Tokyo that I can finally write more about what I found in Australia. I’m going to be busy exploring the area, shopping souvenirs and chill out at the beach. 🙂

What kind of Japanese cuisine do I miss? I miss Ramen badly~~~~! :p

Pi-chan vs travelling

18 Apr

Pi-chan got a haircut lately. 🙂
As always, some people will think it’s not appropriate for Shih Tzu dogs to wear such a short hair, but this makes her easy to walk in the sun during spring and summer season. Well, today’s post is not just that. I’m feeling so sad because I’m leaving for Australia tomorrow. I’m spending the next 40 days in Australia half for work, half for fun…but being separated from Pi-chan makes me so sad.

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