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Thank You!

14 Feb

Hi everyone reading TKE blog.
As you’ve noticed, I’ve been away from blogging again.
I guess…it’s high time I finally stopped blogging.

When I went on hiatus last time, I noticed I needed a place where I could express my joy of writing, because at that time my job was to translate something technical and inhuman written in English into Japanese…So I returned to TKE. I needed human words and I needed to feel joy from writing. But since I changed jobs, I’ve experienced joy of translation into beautiful easy-to-read Japanese. Now the theme is not something technical but it’s about marketing, sales, management, leadership, investment…business, and I like that. I can learn these themes while translating them.

What happened is that I don’t feel like doing extra PC work after I come back from work. Translation work requires PC work all day long and all I want to do at home is stay away from computer as much as possible. Yet, I have many emails to reply to everyday. OK, that’s fine. But as to blogging…I think it’s finally incompatible.

I’ve never imagined the day will come like this when I say I will quit TKE forever. This is not a free blog. When I don’t update it frequently, it doesn’t earn from advertisement and thus it can’t afford hosting eventually. It’s not happening now, but I can easily imagine that. Sadly I don’t feel sad so much, which is because my interests are not for TKE any longer. I miss those days when I was a lot more enthusiastic about running TKE. But things change. My job or life changes as well. So I’d rather take it as a natural change.

The asset I made through TKE is definitely FRIENDS!
I wanted to write a post about visiting them on TKE but without waiting for such days, TKE may be closed down.
Too much PC work makes me tired. From now on, I’d continue email correspondences with some friends rather than exchanging comments with many readers.

I have no other choice. I want to focus on my translation work. I totally enjoy the process of creating and writing Japanese from what I get in English. I never experienced this before. Writing has always given a special experience to me since I was a kid. Now I feel something similar from translation when the script is something spoken by human not like a technical manual or something.

It doesn’t mean I close down TKE next morning or within this month. But in a few months, it’s possible.
(When TKE is closed, TKE email address is also disabled. And I have already closed my facebook and twitter accounts too. I may continue Youtube only but I’m not sure that either.)

Finally, thank you for reading TKE and allowing me to experience it.
It was a great experience! 😀
Keep in touch via email if you stay as my friend.