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TKE on hiatus…was it a bad idea?

28 Oct

Hey TKE readers! 😀
I don’t know if you are still following this blog since last post that notified you all the hiatus of blogging…:p
Anyway, as you may imagine, many TKE readers have contacted me via comment or email that it’s just so sad to see how TKE is going hiatus. At first I didn’t feel it was so sad, I was rather tired. So I had a kind of thought that I did all I wanted and it’s high time I forgot about outputting and simply relax myself.

Spending days without updating TKE was easy. I didn’t have to spare extra time and effort to write a new post, reply to emails and comments, and above all, pay attention to the topics for TKE everyday. However, at the same time, I was losing the opportunity to express my thoughts and feelings by sharing them with you on TKE. Writing has always been the best method for me to express myself. Even if the language is in English, and not in Japanese, I guess I still enjoyed it a lot.

Now I’m questioning myself: Is it really OK that I do without writing? Writing has always been one of the most exciting activities to me. Honestly speaking, I’ve missed writing experience since hiatus of TKE. I work as a translator and interpreter at work, and that was another factor that made me miss writing my own thought desperately. When it comes to translation, translating a technical bug report such as “press X button to display XXX” is so unhuman that I miss expressing human words and emotions. lol

I’m thinking and wondering between 2 options:

option 1) To come back to TKE with new type of posts that will be likely to be “product (book) review” and “my day” or “my thought” instead of the topics such as Learn Japanese, Japanese Foods or Kawaii Shop or whatever you see under the title banner.

option 2) To start up a new blog with the topics mentioned above.

In either way, my posts will be more like a personal diary or a record of book review or products review, although in the near future it may be mixed up with other tastes of posts as time passes.

I hope TKE readers are still available today. lol
BTW, sorry if you have not received my replies in email. I’ll never ignore them, but just needing time to get back to you. 😉