Korakuen garden and Okayama castle

7 Aug

Korakuen is known as one of the three great gardens in Japan. There’s no way not to visit it when we were visiting Okayama. BTW I’ve never visited the other 2 gardens yet. :p

Okayama castle was pretty close to the garden, although we didn’t go into it. The castle was built about 400 years ago.

I found a video introducing the Okayama castle so you can see what it’s like inside and what you can do there. (It says anyone is allowed to put on the Tonosama (lord) and Himesama (princess) costumes and take a picture. 🙂 )

There were 2 ways to approach the garden, which means the garden had 2 entrances (exits). Admission fee was 400yen per person, and a little bit more if you also want to enter the castle.

The weather may look OK from these photos but it was so hot and sticky that day (as always) we needed to rest in a shade from time to time. (x_x)

We went up the small hill

and looked down the garden from a shade…It was another peaceful and relaxing day to me. 🙂

The water was running here and there and it looked so clean that I couldn’t help putting my legs inside the water. It was so refreshing! I was not sure if that was OK until a volunteer guide urged some tourists to do that some time later because nobody around was touching the water before me. So I was right, I thought so! 😀

I hear Okayama is known as one of the most comfortable prefectures in Japan to live in, because of its mild climate, great food and some job opportunities. In fact my father who has travelled around Japan told me he would love to settle down either in Shizuoka or Okayama if he were able to choose. But now that there is a high chance of Mt. Fuji’s eruption, his No.1 prefecture is definitely Okayama. And it’s not only he that loves to live in Okayama, as nowadays especially since 3.11 and what happened at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, more and more people especially from Tohoku and Kanto area actually have moved to Okayama, according to the local people there.

Let me finish this post with some pictures from a self-serve styled Udon restaurant “Chikusei“.
Kurashiki is recognized as the cradle of Bukkake Udon (Hot or cold Udon with some ingredients on the top and small amount of strong soup poured over) although Kagawa prefecture is more popular for its Sanuki Udon. My husband and I tried to have Bukkake Udon again while we were staying in Kurashiki, even though I wanted to eat some breads and coffee already. lol

A cold Udon for 1 person (1 tama, meaning 1 portion) was 220yen.

A fried egg, a squid arm and a Chikuwa (fish sausage). 120yen each. That’s all they have; Udon and 3 kinds of fried food. Very simple, huh? ^ ^;;

People just come, eat and go very quickly.

We have such Udon restaurants in Tokyo too, but people say that ours in Tokyo taste worse, due to poor quality of water, even if they use the same ingredients. I don’t know, I usually don’t eat Udon so often. BTW, Soba is better for health if you compare it with Udon. Generally black colored food is considered good for health in Japan, such as black beans, soba, brown rice, brown sugar, Hijiki and etc.

Next post will be the final post about my trip to Okayama before I move to the one about Hiroshima.
I wish to blog about travelling like this more often!
Catch you later~~
Kirin 😀


6 Responses to “Korakuen garden and Okayama castle”

  1. Lore August 7, 2012 at 12:05 pm #

    ooooooo the castle it's so huge and beautiful!!! The ancient emperors really knew how to live good.
    The hill reminds me "The shire" from the Lord of the rings hahaha.

    • kirin August 11, 2012 at 1:02 pm #

      I wish I could share the pictures of inside the castle but sorry we didn't even enter it. ^ ^;;

  2. Sanaa August 9, 2012 at 3:02 pm #

    Indeed, Being in a nature is like being in a heaven. I like the castle so so so much. And the beautiful nature around it 🙂
    Especailly, nature, hill, water…. Everything is so so beautiful 🙂
    This Japanses castle is from the most beautiful castles over the world.
    I can feel how it is so refreshing to put ur legs inside the water hhh 🙂
    These pictures make me feel relaxing too !! 🙂 Really!
    Thanks millions times for these beautiful posts, dear Kirin 🙂

    • kirin August 11, 2012 at 1:03 pm #

      My pleasure, Sanaa!
      It's my pleasure to be able to share such Japanese things with people like you who are interested in our culture. ^ ^

  3. Cath August 19, 2012 at 10:21 pm #

    I thought the weather in Tokyo would be hot and sticky when I was there in June! Haha… but my skin was so dry!
    I love udon much more than soba!

    • kirin August 21, 2012 at 12:53 pm #

      June and September are better than July and August. Now it's about 35C and humidity of 65%-70%…some Singaporeans say it's hotter in Japan than in Singapore. But you may not feel so if you compare the weather in June. ^ ^;; June was cooler …

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