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Healthy Teishoku restaurant

27 Jun


various locations in Japan
Sunroom is a Teishoku (set meal from rice, miso soup, main dish and side dish) restaurant that is collaborated with F&F natural food and organic food store.

It says something like this: We use ingredients that are good for health. We choose agricultural products made in Japan, that are organic or free from agricultural chemicals, or less agricultural chemicals, and no artificial coloring, flavors or preservatives added. We severely select food and ingredients to provide our customers healthy and safe meals.

That sounds good. πŸ˜€ As a matter of fact, Sunroom is a casual Teishoku restaurant but the price setting is more expensive than other Teishoku restaurants such as Ootoya or Yayoiken, because they use more natural foods.

I think Sunroom targets female customers who like to eat healthy food. (Most of the customers at Sunroom are women.) Male customers will enjoy Yayoiken a lot more, because they can have free refill of rice and miso soup as many times as they like! Speaking of free refill, Sakurasuisan is another option. Sakurasuisan is an Izakaya but they also open for lunch hour. (Most of the customers at Yayoiken and Sakurasuisan are men.)

BTW, I personally like Ootoya, in terms of taste, price, service, and etc. Ootoya does not offer free refill but I think that’s fair. I feel as if I paid extra when I don’t have my second serving of rice at Yayoiken, even though their price setting is not so expensive anyway. Ootoya even deducts 50yen or something for a smaller bowl of rice. I like that! πŸ˜€ That’s fair!!
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Weekday Lunch Pictures 2

24 Jun

Continuing from the last food post, I’ll share with you variety of lunch sample pictures here. The only good thing about eating out around my work is to be able to try various kind of foods and restaurants, although lunch time is limited to 60 minutes. πŸ˜€

lunch sample 6: Udon from a food court
Cold Udon with grated Japanese radish and 2 small pieces of fried chicken in Japanese style…570yen

I like to eat cold Udon or Soba during summer. But this Udon was too cold for me to taste it well. 😦 The fried chicken in Japanese style was not so good either.

lunch sample 7: Gonbei onigiri (rice ball)
Chicken mayo onigiri + green perilla and chirimenjako (tiny dried young sardines) onigiri + miso soup…490yen

I like to eat some rice balls and miso soup for a light lunch. It’s not too heavy and I believe it won’t make me feel sleepy at work. πŸ™‚

lunch sample 8: Antendo breads
Calzone with butter chicken curry sauce inside, pancake bread, and cafe latte…760yen

The calzone bread had a very small filling of curry inside. There was a lot of room inside that was only an air. ^ ^;; I still felt like eating more after finishing all. I may try other kind of breads next time.

lunch sample 9:γ€€Omurice from a food court
Omurice and iced coffee…690yen

I could put some different kind of vegetables inside the ketchup rice, if I were to cook it by myself at home. After I ate it, I thought I had to eat a lot of vegetables at dinner. Most of the meals taken outside do not have enough vegetables. The rice was seasoned too salty to me. 😦

lunch sample 10: bento from eashion and etc.
Bento (Fried sliced scad seasoned with sweet/sour sauce and etc.)…600yen

This was good! I found some sliced vegetables underneath of the fried fish. The volume was not too small, not too much, and the bento carried so many different dishes inside the box. I’m now preferring bento to meals like lunch sample 6 or 9.

Bento (vegetable bento, no meat or fish inside the box)…500yen

The upper left fried food is not meat but lotus. I’m a person who likes to eat meat, but surprisingly I was quite satisfied with this vege bento! πŸ˜€

You may expect that I make a bento by myself to eat for lunch, but unfortunately I don’t like to. I’d love to eat a bento if my husband prepares for me, though. :p

Mirai Nikki

19 Jun

Apple shares a review on Mirai Nikki (JP anime). πŸ™‚
===Apple’s post starts from here===

I have never written about any anime before because usually I don’t have the time to watch any anime, or if I do, I don’t have any time to write about it. ^^”

Mirai Nikki

Well, anyway, since I’m so free now, and I’ve just finished watching a rather exciting anime, I want to share with you what I’ve been watching and I hope you will watch it and discuss it with me. I’ve been pestering all my friends to watch it so that I can have someone to talk to about what they think. Hahaha!

Mirai Nikki ζœͺζ₯ζ—₯記
(ζœͺζ₯Β mirai = Future; ζ—₯記 nikki = Diary)
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My Kawaii Entry 19

17 Jun

Do you remember My Kawaii project? It was nice that one of TKE readers kindly submitted me an entry, while I almost forgot that I shared many My Kawaii posts from TKE readers last year. ^ ^; If you are new to TKE, it’s a good chance to share your kawaii with other readers. πŸ˜€
entry #21

I’m Bethany from Singapore, and I fell in love with all things cute and Japanese many years ago. The journey of my love for Japanese and kawaii things has been long and interesting, and has come to a great stage now (which I will reveal later)!

One of my hobbies is to take purikura~ This is my favourite kawaii pastime with my best friend. Decorating purikura can be so stressful sometimes when we are rushing against the time limit… !(Β΄Π”ο½€οΌ›)

Another kawaii I love to indulge in is nails! There is never a time when my nails are bare, and I frequently go to the salon to get gel nails done in cute designs. (*γ‚œβ–½γ‚œγƒŽγƒŽγ‚›β˜†

My favourite jewelry/accessory brand is Q-pot. I got the necklace above for my 16th birthday in Tokyo, and my parents bought the cheese earrings for me when they went to Osaka. The koala macaron strap is not from Q-pot, but fits with the food theme, so I put it in the photo too~ (*^β–½^*) I got it from a gachapon machine!
Every year when docomo releases the Q-pot phone, I fall in love with it, but it’s only available and usable in Japan, not to mention limited edition and expensive… ;_;

My bag is the Samantha Thavasa Aimi series Winter edition, and my wallet is from Samantha Thavasa too! This bag was a present from my parents for doing well in my graduation exams (‘A’-levels and SATs), so it means a lot to me. It’s also very cute and gets many stares on the streets, haha~

My favourite snack is Jagabee! Actually, I prefer the Jaga Pokkuru version, but it’s only available in Japan, so I can’t find it here. Nonetheless, Jagabee is close enough and I’m addicted to it~

Finally, one of my favourite kawaii characters is Kapibara-san! My friend won the Onsen Kapibara-san from a UFO catcher machine for me~ The biggest Kapibara-san actually belongs to my mom- my dad bought it for her from KIDDYLAND Harajuku.

I graduated from High School at the end of last year, and applied for University this year. Unlike my peers and normal people in general, I only applied to one university and didn’t even have a backup second choice. Fortunately, I made it against all odds, and I will be moving to Tokyo this August to attend the prestigious International Christian University for 4 years!!! My love for Japan and kawaii things will now increase exponentially as I immerse myself in all things Japanese for 4 years, and I could not be any more excited~! I’m counting down the days and hours, and have already begun packing, haha!! I love Tokyo so much, and haven’t been there in over 2 years due to hectic school activities and studies, so my move to Tokyo will be the first time I’ll be there since 2009. I miss Tokyo so much- from the culture to the food to the shopping to the kawaii and fashionable everything! I’ve always blogged about fashion and lifestyle, but it really can’t compare to that in Japan, because Japan truly is the capital of kawaii. (≧▽≦) As such, in my 2.5 years not being able to go to Tokyo, I’ve been
following Japan-based blogs such as TKE to find out everything recent going on and now, I will finally be able to be on the other side blogging about Tokyo trends and happenings~!
Thank you Bethany, your entry reminded me of this project that I didn’t really close entries. (TKE is open for more entries!) πŸ˜€
For TKE readers, Bethany has her own blog and follow her on Twitter if you liked this entry.

Feel free to submit your My Kawaii entry just like Bethany (It’s OK to submit 2nd entry or 3rd entry if the content is not the same as 1st entry). But please read this page for the guidelines before you actually do. (Picture size can be similar to 480×360, I don’t mind if it’s not exactly the same, just similar size is OK!) To submit your entry, you can simply email me from the contact page. Thanks! πŸ˜€

Weekday Lunch Pictures 1

14 Jun

Lunch time at work is 60 minutes from noon. I’ll share with you my weekday lunch pictures so you can roughly find what kind of meals you can have around 600yen. I could go get a bento to eat at the office, even cheaper than 600yen, but I don’t want to stay in the office. I need fresh air and color to comfort myself. Unfortunately there’s no park around the office where I can eat bento, either. 😦

What’s most important is to return to the office before 1pm. But I also want to look around a book store or some kawaii shops and apparel shops after lunch. Thus, my lunch must be served very promptly. To make the most of this limited time, I should eat alone and hang around alone. I need no company who could waste even 1 minute.

Remember glass of water is free at most of Japanese restaurants. (Refills are also free.) πŸ˜€

lunch sample 1: Doutor Coffee Shop
shrimp/salmon sandwich and ice cafe latte…670yen

This was not enough for my stomach but it was OK because I didn’t want to feel sleepy around 2-3pm.

lunch sample 2: Spaghetti Dona
spaghetti Bolognese, salad, mini dessert and iced coffee…880yen

They said they use fresh pasta, but I didn’t like their pasta so much. The pasta sauce was also not so good. But the price was very reasonable for what I ate, although it was over budget. ^ ^;;

lunch sample 3: Tenya
Tendon, miso soup and hot tea…500yen

Once in a while I feel like eating Tendon. But I believe many young women would hesitate to go to this kind of fast food restaurant that is full of men. As for myself, I don’t mind. ^ ^;; I ordered a very simple Tendon, without Udon or some extra dishes. However, this Tendon set made me so sleepy after I went back to work. I wouldn’t have it again while I’m working in the company office. (x_x)

lunch sample 4: Ootoya
chicken/vegetables in black vinegar (mini bowl)…570yen

I like Ootoya. It’s good most of set menu come with adequate amount of vegetables. In this bowl, there was thinly sliced cabbage underneath of the chicken, green pepper, egg plant, and etc. But the downside of Ootoya is only that it takes some time until the ordered meal is served. I was unable to have enough time to hang around after I finished my meal.

lunch sample 5: Lotteria
tartar chicken burger, french fry and ice cafe latte…590yen

I’d definitely prefer other burger shops but this time I somehow chose to have my lunch at Lotteria. But just 1 time is enough.

I’ll share with you more different lunch sample pictures later! πŸ˜€
What do you eat for lunch usually?

Dolly-kei (Japanese fashion style)

10 Jun

Apple’s post about Dolly-kei fashion! πŸ˜€
===Apple’s post starts from here===

The other day I saw a picture that really caught my eye, and I posted it on my page to share it with everyone.

I had no idea what this style was called, so I asked for help, and amazing Namie (check out her page if you like lovely, girly things!) helped me find out what this style was!

After looking at some other similar-style pictures she found for me, we concluded that this should be Dolly-kei! ^^

What is Dolly-kei? (By the way, kei (η³») means style.)

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My work experience at a JP office

7 Jun

It’s my rambling post. :p
I think I’ve been writing all day long in English because I’m working full-time at a Japanese company only for this month. Coming back home and now writing this blog is not easy but let me share with you what I found at work.

Many years I was working as a freelance and for the past few years I was mostly working from home. So it was kind of fresh to me to work at a company. Things looked quite surprising to me, who have been away from “office” for a long time.

Craving for color…
The interior, especially the color scheme of the office is monotonous. It’s gray, gray and gray. Maybe there are some blue, white and black but mostly things are in light to mid gray. Male workers are mostly wearing a gray suit, and they are the majority at the office, due to the characteristics of the industry. There are only a few women including me. It was surprising that I craved for color so badly after a few hours in full of gray. Luckily, the office is surrounded by several shopping malls, my eyes and soul were comforted during the lunch time at window shopping. ^ ^;;

What a surprise! This color scheme is not very unique in Japan. Most of the Japanese company offices have a boring color scheme. But I’ve never been driven to this state of mind before. I guess my eyes are totally used to seeing various colors at a time, while I keep working from home. The big difference will be lack of green and wood, I think. At home there are some plants, wooden desk, wooden table, and wooden flooring. Also chairs are upholstered with orange and yellow fabric, the lighting is in yellow, not bright white…and as you know Pi-chan is always around me. πŸ™‚ While I write this I noticed there’s almost NO GRAY at home! My keyboard is in light gray…I guess that’s all. ^ ^;;

It doesn’t mean that I dislike gray. I like to wear gray colored pants or sweat shirt especially when I want to relax at home. To me, somehow gray is the color to veg out. (lol) But I guess I don’t like to see the color in large area. Well, it’s not the end of the world but it was interesting that I missed seeing colors so badly! Do you have a similar experience? How is your working environment?

Over-time work for 100 hours monthly!?
It’s still the same some workers do over-time work for 100 hours per month and almost every month when they are busy! I happened to hear what some employees were chatting near me. I’ve posted about Japanese working environment and etc. before but the situation is still like that! It is normal in our culture to work over-time in order to catch up with the deadline, or to satisfy the customers. Thus, 24-hour operation or working on Saturdays and Sundays are not something extreme in Japan. Many workers do that to defend the deadline to the death. This is quite comfortable from customer’s side because everything is expected on time. Delivery service for example, never fails to delay. When it’s specified from 12pm to 2pm of a certain day, it is delivered during that period of the day that is specified. Behind that, the workers may be skipping meals, cancelling date, working extra hours, and etc. which is not always perceived by their customers. I will quietly show some respect to them and want to say “Otsukaresama desu!” to console their hard work. πŸ™‚

I’ll go back to my work from home next month, until that time, I may blog about my daily life sometimes. πŸ˜€