Take a walk in Kitano Ijinkan

17 Apr

Apple’s post about her trip to Kansai continues. 🙂

===Apple’s post starts from here===

Kobe is a very beautiful place.

If you are there, you may notice something slightly different about it.

Firstly, if you go to Osaka first, then to Kobe, you can immediately feel the difference.

The first thing you are going to notice is probably the cleanliness and the buildings of the city. It has many beautiful buildings, especially if you go to Kitano-cho, where you can see all the Western-style residences from the 19th century!

And then the second thing you are going to notice is the fashion sense of everybody there!

Now, I have to tell you, this is the only time I have dressed in a terrible manner when I’m in Japan. Hahaha!

I didn’t know it would be this cold when I went, and all I had were thin-material Spring clothes with me. The stores all sold Spring clothes too, and I was freezing all the time because I couldn’t buy any warm, thick jackets!

My thickest outer was this Rilakkuma outer, and that was what I wore most of the time when I needed to spend lots of time in the outdoors when I was in Japan.

I looked ridiculous but it kept me warm, so I wore it. Also, when I was in Osaka, it was no problem. Everyone dressed any way they like. I didn’t feel any stress for dressing in a ridiculous manner.

Then I went to Kobe, dressed in the same way too. My friend drove us around so I didn’t feel it immediately.

But when we got down the car and went down the streets…

I wanted to die.

All around me were superbly well-dressed people.

From young students to the old people. I wonder how the heck can a city produce every single person who dress so well!

Hello I’m from Kobe and I’m stylish and I know it.

I’m sorry I didn’t take any pictures of the people there. I was overwhelmed.

And anyway, today’s post is actually about Kitano Ijinkan where all the beautiful foreign residences were.

They are still there even though the owners are not. Many of the residences have now become museums and are opened to tourists to take a look around. The entrance fees range from 200 to 500yen.

Here’s a ticket counter!

We went to one of the houses.

Because my friend told us they have some magical chairs inside!!!

No! These are not the ones!

So why did I put that picture?

Because I took that picture. That’s all.

The owner of this house collected many different kinds of statues. Most of them look really strange to me. I wonder what kind of person this owner is. Who collects such statues?

These lamps are quite cool though. haha!


I forgive this owner for his strange taste in furniture, because he has these!

These chairs!

Of course I made a wish in the chair!

So if you are in Kitano-cho, why don’t you check out this place? This blog has beautiful places of the place!

You should go if you like to look at beautiful houses.

Finally, if you want to see how I was dressed:

Yes, facepalm all you want.

Beside me is my movie star friend. Told you everyone in Kobe dressed well!!!!

===end of Apple’s post===

Kirin’s opinion
The weather was quite unusual while you were in Japan. It shouldn’t be that cold. I’m sorry you had to freeze… Most of the shops sell clothing for the next season so there’s no wonder you couldn’t find winter clothing at all in March. I guess early to mid February is the last chance to grab the winter clothes here, because they will start selling spring clothes since it’s still in the middle of the winter. lol

Yes, Kobe is like that. Girls curl their hair well, dress well, and act elegantly. Pretty much different from Osaka. Those who like Kobe wouldn’t like Osaka and vice versa. So I’m more like Osakan type of person who dislike Kobe. lol

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2 Responses to “Take a walk in Kitano Ijinkan”

  1. Shimin April 17, 2012 at 12:54 pm #

    I plan to study in Kobe in future, so this post fascinated me! 😀

  2. Apple April 19, 2012 at 1:28 am #

    Wow! All the best to you in Kobe!! ^^

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