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Lolita Dresses -You Will Fall in Deep Love with Them Since Today!

28 Apr

The article is submitted by Katherine, on behalf of – a site sharing you costume ideas for adults, teens and kids.

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Most people hold the opinion that once a girl puts on a black-and-white shirt and a checkedskirt, she has already been a Lolita girl. Also, there are some people think Lolitadoes not only refer to a kind of costume style, but also a sort of spirit. Generallyspeaking, the concept of Lolita originates in the palaces of Europe. Princessesare fond of doll-styled clothes. And then, this clothing style spread to Japanand was carried forward there. Finally, it became a fashion style!

Three Main Streams in the Lolita Dress Industry
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Japanese cheap cosmetics store

25 Apr

cheap cosmetics and some apparel zakka store
store locations: various places in Japan (the pictures for this post were taken at the store in Shinjuku Myload.)

It’s DEMO is a kind of store similar to Sony Plaza, for example. Hmm…maybe smaller than Sony Plaza, so it’s closer to Mini Pla maybe? You can find one of the most popular cosmetics among hundreds of thousands of them in the market. But if you want to see more products, I recommend you should check out Tokyu Hands or LOFT instead of this type of small store.

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Weekend Dinner 4 & 5

23 Apr

My husband enjoys cooking so much now. Everything he cooks taste better than what I cook, and these days he cooks every weekend and even some weekdays when he has free time. I feel that I can’t cook any more, when he cooks much better. :p

So this is the dinner I had several days ago.
Weekend Dinner 4

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Skewered Food in Japan

20 Apr

Apple’s food post from Kansai! 🙂

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Of course I was in Kansai, and I ought to write about their specialty food…food like Kushiage!

However, when my friends brought me to an izakaya, what caught my interest more was Yakitori.

There is Yakitori sold in my country (Singapore) too.

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Pi-chan vs travelling

18 Apr

Pi-chan got a haircut lately. 🙂
As always, some people will think it’s not appropriate for Shih Tzu dogs to wear such a short hair, but this makes her easy to walk in the sun during spring and summer season. Well, today’s post is not just that. I’m feeling so sad because I’m leaving for Australia tomorrow. I’m spending the next 40 days in Australia half for work, half for fun…but being separated from Pi-chan makes me so sad.

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Take a walk in Kitano Ijinkan

17 Apr

Apple’s post about her trip to Kansai continues. 🙂

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Kobe is a very beautiful place.

If you are there, you may notice something slightly different about it.

Firstly, if you go to Osaka first, then to Kobe, you can immediately feel the difference.

The first thing you are going to notice is probably the cleanliness and the buildings of the city. It has many beautiful buildings, especially if you go to Kitano-cho, where you can see all the Western-style residences from the 19th century!

And then the second thing you are going to notice is the fashion sense of everybody there!

Now, I have to tell you, this is the only time I have dressed in a terrible manner when I’m in Japan. Hahaha!

I didn’t know it would be this cold when I went, and all I had were thin-material Spring clothes with me. The stores all sold Spring clothes too, and I was freezing all the time because I couldn’t buy any warm, thick jackets!

My thickest outer was this Rilakkuma outer, and that was what I wore most of the time when I needed to spend lots of time in the outdoors when I was in Japan.

I looked ridiculous but it kept me warm, so I wore it. Also, when I was in Osaka, it was no problem. Everyone dressed any way they like. I didn’t feel any stress for dressing in a ridiculous manner.

Then I went to Kobe, dressed in the same way too. My friend drove us around so I didn’t feel it immediately.

But when we got down the car and went down the streets…

I wanted to die.

All around me were superbly well-dressed people.

From young students to the old people. I wonder how the heck can a city produce every single person who dress so well!

Hello I’m from Kobe and I’m stylish and I know it.

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Love Hotel Loire

14 Apr

Look, Apple shares an interesting post about love hotel in Japan! 😀

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Do you know love hotels in Japan?

These are short-stay hotels, typically for couples, but recently I see some love hotels offering family and friends packages too.

Love hotels in Japan got attention because some love hotels have really interesting rooms!

You can see from this article here some of the interesting rooms love hotels offer.

If you read the above link, you will notice that a number of rooms are from a particular Love Hotel called Hotel Loire!

Hotel Loire is in Osaka, and since I was in Osaka, I decided to go there with my boyfriend!!!!

It was my first time to a love hotel, so I wanted to choose an interesting one like that! Unfortunately, I was there on a Friday night, so most interesting rooms are already taken up.

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